These Life Partners Have Stuck Through With Our Favorite Stars For Years

Fiona Bruce & Nigel Sharrocks – 28 Years Together

We’ve all seen our fair share of broadcast journalists over the years, but there’s no one like Fiona Bruce. Thanks to her numerous TV stints from ‘Antiques Roadshow’ to ‘Crimewatch,’ audiences have grown to adore Bruce over time. Not only is she prolific in her field, but it turns out she’s also a devoted mother and wife.

Unlike others, Bruce’s dream man, Nigel Sharrocks, doesn’t come from the entertainment industry. He is someone who values privacy and prefers to keep things down low, mainly since he works as an advertising agency director. Unfortunately, not much is known about Sharrocks and Bruce behind closed doors, but their almost three decades’ worth of marriage is enough proof they’re doing well on their own.

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