Luxurious Celebrity Houses That Will Leave You Speechless

Kelly Ripa – New York, $27 Million

We know actors who love splurging on landholdings, and Kelly Ripa is among them. Yet, even if we set her Colorado and Hamptons estates aside, the ‘Live!’ host’s New York townhouse is enough to make the onlooker’s eyes daze. It, reportedly, cost a staggering $27 million and is based in the upscale East of Manhattan; so, let’s get down to counting the structure’s luxuries.

A well-formed foyer sits at the entrance of Ripa’s abode, leading the way to its cozy yet modern interior through a doorway that resembles nothing less than an exquisite hotel. No wonder the entertainer relishes sharing those weekend snaps from her hallway, making all envious of the glass-themed chandeliers.

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