Jonathan had found a puppy with a black coat in the woods: he seemed weakened and defenseless. He instinctively took him with him with the intention of taking him to the vet to give him the first treatment but he had no idea which species that puppy belonged to. Perhaps he would have done better to leave it exactly where he had found it. It is normal that when you find a puppy the first instinct is to put it to safety and give it the necessary care so that it does not have problems. Jonathan, however, had made a wrong assessment.


The fact that Jonathan’s action was a mistake was soon confirmed to him by the vet to whom the man promptly brought the puppy to get him the necessary care and to put him in safety. He would never have expected this unexpected twist. The vet’s reaction to seeing the puppy was somewhat unsettling: Jonathan had saved a very special puppy and would soon have confirmation. He wasn’t exactly a puppy like he’d seen many others… His action di lui was done for a good purpose but was it really a good idea? The situation was gradually becoming tangled.

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