40+ Beloved Celeb Kids Who Are All Grown Up Today

John Travolta’s Daughter – Ella Bleu Travolta

Thank the universe for the ’70s for that decade gifted us one of the biggest Hollywood actors today, John Travolta. Despite his many memorable starring roles, mainly as Danny Zuko in ‘Grease,’ the talented actor’s greatest honor lies in being a dad of three.

Coming fast for her parent’s footsteps, Ella Bleau Travolta’s acting debut was in 2009’s ‘Old Dog’. Other feature gigs alongside John in ‘Poison Rose’ and Alice in Wonderland retelling in ‘Get Lost’ soon followed. The proud father even took to social media to cheer for his only daughter with a snapshot of the teenager in full costume on set. When Ella’s not building her career portfolio, she’s busy making memories with her family.

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