"My Girl" was the first # 1 hit for
the Temptations. The song,
written by Smokey Robinson and
Miracle's member Ronald White,
was released as a single on
December 24, 1964, and reached
the top of the pop charts during
March 1965. it remains the
legendary group's signature
song to this day and is
consistently ranked at or near
the top of every "greatest hits of
rock and roll" list.

From the moment acclaimed
singer Angel Webb (whose
career has included session and
onstage work with The New
Edition) stepped into the Indian
Trail Studio (Sanger, Texas) and
sang the very first "take," those
present during the session knew
that the tune was uniquely
perfect for the harmony-heavy
debut Red Hat Romeos CD.

The result?

Red Hatters everywhere are
falling in love all over again with
the distinctive melodies of this
ageless anthem (and catch
Angel's spontaneous scat in the
middle of the song!) to young-at-
heart romance.
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"Oh, baby...listening to this is like
I'm back dragging Main Street back
in the Sixties, listening to the
Mighty Temptations. You couldn't
have picked a better song to put in
this special Red Hat Romeos CDs
    Cora Johnson
    Spokane, Washington
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