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Penned for the Red Hat Romeos
by the same writer who wrote
"Red Hat Woman," "We're Red
Hat Romeos" and "Lady with the
Red Hat On," "Pushover" boldly
(and a bit slyly) reveals what
happens when a macho man
willingly surrenders to
the power of love.

"I’m a Pushover, baby,
A Pushover for your love
I’m a Pushover, baby,
Can’t ever get enough
Now I ain’t easy to push around,
But when push comes to shove,
I’m a Pushover, baby,
A Pushover for your love."

Featuring Mitch Snow, this song
is sure to please all women,
especially the Red Hat ladies
who like a man who is both
strong, yet able to admit that
"something happens when you
come to me and do all
the things you do."

The wisest of men know that
there are wonderful benefits of
being a "Pushover."
"The great variety of music on
the Red Hat Romeos CD is a
mixture of awesome listening
and `get up and dance' tunes.  
The CD is a `must have' by every
Red Hat Lady!"
    —Founding Queen Mother
    Margaret Webb
    Lubbock Red Hats
    Lubbock, Texas
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