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During the summer of 1966, the #1
hit on the
Cash Box Magazine's
chart was the novelty hit, "Lil Red
Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham and
the Pharaohs.

While narrowing down a huge list
of tunes for the debut Red Hat
Romeos CD, this song was jokingly
mentioned. As Gomer Pyle used to
say on
The Andy Griffith Show,

The Romeos had `waaay too much
fun recording this, turning it from a
comic tune into a slightly-sly ode to
all Lil Red HAT Riding Hood women

Indian Trail Studios engineering
virtuoso Harvey Gerst (of The
Byrds, The Association and Jimi
Hendrix fame) pushed the right
buttons and sliders to create the
eerie lobo cry and the fun-loving
wolf-ish harmonies.

The rest, as they say, is history.
Best of all, Red Hatters got it
instantly. They have been laughing
and singing along since then.

And yes, you cuties in the Red Hats,
you're still "everything a big bad
wolf could want....!"
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"Definitely the best of this
memorable collection....takes
me back to the summer
before my senior year in high
school...the Red Hat Romeos
can walk me through 'those
spooky ole woods' any time!"
     —Betty Sue Morgan
     St. Louis, Missouri
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