Christians in the Political Arena has appeared at just the right time…
    —Dr. David W. Breese
    President, Christian Destiny

    Christians in the Political Arena is extremely helpful to Christian families…It is the best thing we
    have seen by way of activism.
    —Dr. Wendell G. Collins
    Rutherford Institute

One election season ends, another begins…and the stakes are higher than ever.

Originally printed nearly 20 years ago, this timeless classic,
Christians in the Political Arena by the well-known
author of  such bestselling books as
Proverbs for People and Quips, Quotes and Quests, is needed today
more than ever to unravel the mysteries of the costly, behind-the-scenes struggle for America’s heart and soul.

[180 pages]

(Quantities are Very Limited)
Acclaimed "Quips, Quotes & Proverbs" author Vern McLellan's
revealing, ageless primer for today's patriots.
(Limited Quantity)

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Vern McLellan has issued a clarion call to Twentieth Century Patriots to take
their private faith into public life, to enter the great American Political Arena of
change. This is a small miracle of a book, a David of a book aimed squarely at
the Goliath of civic apathy.


I believe we have been put in this place and live at this time for a purpose that is
larger than any of us and larger even than the sum of all our parts. We must be
a positive force in the thought life of our nation, a force working to revitalize
America by strengthening the sinews that knit the body politic together.
Ourselves and our families, our churches and schools, our workplaces and
communities—working together we have the power to change our society and
ensure the success of the bold American experiment.

This is a book about that experiment and about the choices before us as a
nation. It opens among the shattered ruins of the Roman Empire, in the shadow
of the Coliseum—the great Roman arena where first century Christians were
martyred for sport. Vern McLellan brings us up to the present age, surveys its
strengths and weaknesses, and issues a call for modern-day Daniels and
patriots to become involved in the public choice between two American futures.
We can either continue our slide down the slippery slope of national decline, or
we can recommit ourselves to the ideas and moral principles by which this
country was founded.

The great sweep of history shows there are only these two choices for a great
nation. And we must choose.