What happens when an ex-World War Two soldier, a third-year medical student, makes
a drastic decision that seems destined to destroy everything his wealthy rancher father
has worked a lifetime to build?

How will this chaotic choice affect those whom the tortured young man loves most,
including three young women on opposite parts of the globe?

From the pages of this fifty-years-in-the-making novel set in bittersweet, buoyant 1949,
comes the timeless story of Tom Bristow and his revealing quest to find purpose,
romance, hope, and ultimately the secret of
The Happy Immortals.

    The Happy Immortals reaches out of the 1940s and pulls the reader into
    that decade’s landscape, language, values and visual details, courtesy
    of a writer who saw it all and remembered it vividly. We can be grateful
    Robert Delano persisted to pen this novel.
    —Ann DeFrange
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Columnist, The Oklahoman

    What a terrific book that is certain to take the marketplace by
    storm and find a lasting audience of readers! Robert Boyd Delano’s
    writing style is reminiscent of the literary genius, the late Eugenia Price.
    Like colorful threads, each plot and subplot throughout this masterful
    book has been woven together into fine tapestry. On page after page,
    the unique Post-World War II background and the characters spring to
    life, readily identifiable. It is an immensely
    and intensely enjoyable book.
    —Jimmy and Roxanne Clanton
    Houston, Texas
    Rock `n Roll Teen Idol (“Just a Dream” and “Venus in
    Blue Jeans”); authors of the book, Hardcore Health,
    and internationally-syndicated eColumnists on

ROBERT BOYD DELANO, born the seventh of nine children to Oklahoma Panhandle
homesteaders, grew up during the devastating Dust Bowl days, then served
courageously as a paratrooper with the 11th Airborne Division in historic  WWII South
Pacific battles (including Leyte, Luzon and Okinawa). In the post-War years, he
attended Oklahoma State University, then earned a journalism degree from Oklahoma
University and planned to become a foreign correspondent. This exceptional novel
about Tom Bristow, birthed during that era, was set aside during decades of oil industry
and business ownership success, along with the responsibilities  of a growing family. As
a result, for a half-century this amazing, timeless story gathered dust on a shelf. Only
through encouragement of family and friends did
The Happy Immortals finally make the
memorable transformation from faded manuscript to printed book  for people of all
generations to read and enjoy. Ironically, now in his eighties and retired from the
corporate world, Robert is now being hailed by critics and readers alike as an up-and-
coming "new" novelist!
I literally couldn’t put the book down!
As a young man driving a tractor on the “Sledge Place” that became part of our own farm, I
often wondered about the family by that name and whatever happened to the young people
who used to live there when they were my age?
Imagine my delight, nearly a half-century later, to pick up this historical novel,
The Happy
, written by Robert Boyd Delano, a grandson of the Sledges who homesteaded that
same farmland.
R.B. had also grown up on a nearby farm. In fact, I discovered that Bob, as he is known to
friends, actually lived with my great-grandparents for a couple of years during the late-1930s
so he could attend Guymon High School. It’s definitely a small world, isn’t it?
Though I began reading this page-turner while in the nation’s capital, I was instantly
transported back to my homeland. This poignant Tom Bristow love story is a nostalgic
flashback of growing up on an Oklahoma Panhandle wheat farm near Guymon, and I identified
so much with the scenes R. B. described and the story he told.
The values and experiences of this hard-working, tough-love father and his pressured son
are intertwined with Tom’s struggles to find true love and happiness. Tom’s pursuit of a
forbidden love and his stubborn medical career choice shatter Benjamin Bristow’s dreams for
him and add a deeper dimension to this story.
    —Larry A. Quinn
    Washington , DC
    Career Communicator; former
    Guymon radio station announcer

Robert Boyd Delano has penned a timeless post-World War II novel about loss, love and
finding your way! He reminds me of William Saroyan with his masterful way of storytelling, and I
was deeply moved throughout the book, especially the hard-hitting final page.  
    —Sterling Graham
    Historian and eColumnist

Robert Boyd Delano has authored a very interesting read with The Happy Immortals. The
storyline is excellent. His style of writing is captivating and enjoyable. As a son of the
Oklahoma Panhandle, I was thrilled to have my heart turned toward home by Robert’s novel.
His descriptions of the Guymon area and the dynamics of living in that unique “No Man’s
Land” region were incredibly accurate and poignant. Also, as one born and raised in the
setting of the novel, I can affirm the lifelong connection to the land, no matter where you
reside—its landscape and people remain in your heart forever. In so many ways, I saw myself
in the character of Tom Bristow. I would definitely recommend
The Happy Immortals for
enjoyable reading!
    —Dr. Larry C. Taylor
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Area Church Adminstrator

The realistic descriptions of Oklahoma Panhandle agriculture and scenery added a rich
dimension to this well-crafted story. Having grown up in the area, I quickly remembered
various landmarks as they were introduced and explained throughout the book. These
locations, described in colorful detail, supplied valuable context and provided an excellent
setting to the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this uplifting tale of one man’s quest for that which is
truly important in life.
    —Garvin W. Quinn, Ph.D.
    Knoxville, Tennessee
    Agricultural Communicator and Educator

The Happy Immortals touched me deeply, surprisingly, with amazing descriptions and moving
emotions. Once I started reading the first pages, I couldn’t put it down! Don’t miss this one.
New novelist Robert Boyd Delano speaks with an ageless storyteller’s soul and voice to
people of all cultures.
    —Suzie Cho
    International Correspondent and eColumnist
Robert Boyd Delano's Post-World War II
novel set in the Oklahoma Panhandle is a
critic's choice and heralded page-turner!