...Sent by Our Seasoned Senior Readers will continue to showcase interviews and stories about great collectible cars (as well as
memorable collectors and builders), but from time to time we also want to feature some of the cars that you send in.

"This is a photo of a car I owned back in the (pick a date)," the emails and letters often begin.Or "This is the (pick a
make and model) that I always wanted to buy when I was a kid."

There is often no major story, just a desire to link us with something that was very important to
regular guests.

For good reason..."wheels" have defined us for over a century. They helped us be somebody when we had little
else going on. We grew up on shiny chrome, white sidewall tires and the smell of burning rubber.

It was a time of Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley and the Platters. Suddenly we were hanging out at drive-in movies,
malt shops, sock hops and roller rinks. We were being introduced to drag racing and dirt tracks. Motorcycles were
becoming bigger, especially when James Dean and Marlon Brando looked so cool on them.  It was a time for Drive
In's, Convertibles, Drag Racing, Elvis, Roller Rinks, Midnight Movies, and Sock Hops.

And at the risk of sounding ancient to today's young ones, whenever you get around Seasoned Seniors, you will
often start hearing conversations about "Back in the days when cars had style..."

Those really were in the good old days. Even with so many makes and models, all changing every year, they
generally made a profit.

Remember when the new models would be unveiled each year. It was an event!

Best of all, you could sit on the front porch and name the cars as they drove by, unlike today when they all look the

Enjoy these guest contributions of Fifties fantasy cars photos...and it's okay to be a little envious as you remember!
1951 Hudson Hornet
1951 Buick Design Car
1951 Studebaker Champion
1951 Lincoln K310
1955 Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon
1956 Ford Sunliner
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
1958 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser
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