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Many stores, often at the request of savvy seniors, have started senior discount
days. Some reports run as high as 10-15 percent at supermarkets. The savings
sometimes apply only to store-brand items, and they often only are offered on
certain days of the week or month, but they are definitely worth the effort it takes
to discover these timely treasure troves.

In fact, many industry insiders actually predict that the rollercoaster-like economy
will see an explosion of these discounts and special reduced-price programs,
especially as more and more Seasoned Seniors®, especially those on fixed
incomes, search more diligently for bargains. That is already happening, and more businesses are catching on to this
trend as they attempt to find new ways to attract silver-haired customers.

    Karen, of’s KAREN’S KITCHEN is always ahead of the curve when it
    comes to discovering money-saving trends.

    “Seniors can find lots of discounts if they ask,” she says. “The problem is they don’t
    always tell you. Frankly, many of the younger clerks and sales reps aren’t even aware
    of these discounts because they don’t apply to them and are therefore not terribly
    important. I’ve found that more and more businesses are willing to cut deals in order to
    get the word out that they are senior-friendly—car mechanics, accountants, even home
    construction and repair professionals. It’s not all that unusual to hear about price
    discounts of 10 percent or more, even on big ticket items.” is one place that many like Karen use to discover hundreds of
    thousands of discounts in virtually every category.

    "Again,” Karen adds, “even if you know where to find these discounts, the secret is
    often just being upfront and asking. I’ve discovered that many businesses don’t always
actively advertise these special prices because they are uncertain about appearing to favor one age group over
another. And seniors are looking younger and younger, so salespeople may be offering a compliment by not even
recognizing that you are 50, 55 or 60, and are eligible for a senior discount. On a practical note, I’ve found that the
middle days of the week are the best for getting special prices.”

There is a book that a growing number of seniors are using, as well—
Unbelievably Good
Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can't Get Unless You're Over 50
by Joan
Rattner Heilman. It offers numerous wonderful ideas for discovering that you are eligible to
receive discounts with stores, merchandise and services that you may never have considered,
including when you travel.

“It is especially important to learn all you can about travel discounts,” Karen points out. “One
of my favorites is Southwest Airlines. You can get fares as low as 15-75 percent of the
regularly-priced fares, but you have to be at least 65.”

These special price breaks are waiting for you, whether you are buying books, going to the
movies, eating out, shopping for clothes, visiting parks, getting your hair cut or styled, taking
classes at some community colleges, looking at cell phone plans or changing your oil. This list
is endless.

"You just have to ask,” Karen adds, “but what a fun time you will have as you ride the learning curve. Every time you
find another great senior discount, you can’t wait to look for more. And the best part is sharing all your new `finds’ with
          ...Tough Times Bring Unexpected Surprises

Many retired men and woman are continuing to see nest eggs shrink in the face of a
chaotic stock market, up-and-down fuel costs and an uncertain real estate market.

Lots of them are pushing back against the uncertain times by taking advantage of
senior discounts in such places as movie theaters, restaurants, hotels, retailers and
even grocery stores.

In times past, everyone was aware of the senior discounts on cruises, hotels, and
select restaurants. Now, during the time when higher percentages of seniors are
impacted by the financial downturns, discounts are growing into many other areas
besides the luxury and hospitality marketplaces.
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