…at 96, on to Graduate School!

She graduated amid worldwide attention on
May 12, 2007 at Fort Hays State University
(located in west-central Kansas). That day
marked her entry into the Guinness World
Records as the oldest person to be awarded
an earned college degree.

As she graduated, the 5-foot-2 great-grandmother,
her white hair pulled back into a bun, hardly
looked like the typical college graduate, nor was
she. Nor is she today.

Instead of retiring to her farm near Jetmore, located 100 miles southeast of the university,
she decided to return to FHSU to begin studying for her Master of Liberal Studies degree
in history.

    Why history?

    “God created the earth and populated it, and
    history tells me what people have done with it
    over the ages,” Nola explained her
    enthusiasm for the subject.

    She has created some history herself, and
    now she continues to be excited about her
    new goals.

“I’m doing something I like to do," she relates. "Accomplishing a goal is meaningful and
rewarding, but I want to keep going. I don’t think of my age. I really think people are better
off when they get past middle age at least, not to count their birthdays. If they don’t know
they’re 80 years old maybe they’ll do something they would have done at 60."

Thankfully her hometown of Jetmore ignored her wishes and decided to celebrate NOLA
OCHS DAY on November 17, 2007, a few days before her birthday on November 22.

"I never expected all the publicity that has gone along with the graduation and everything
since," she said during the birthday celebration. "I'm just enjoying meeting so many
wonderful people." has heard from people all over the world who have been
inspired by Nola's story. One of the most recent asked for permission to reprint
INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT on the Chinese Website

Why not? We think celebrate Nola Och's life and accomplishments in any
language is a great idea?

As before, we offer congratulations and thanks to this special lady to continues
to follow her dreams at 96!
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