The USS Missouri (BB-63) ("Mighty Mo" or "Big Mo") was
the final battleship to be built by the United States.

She was launched on January 29, 1944, commissioned on June
11th of the same year, and quickly saw action at the Battle of
Iwo Jima, the Battle of Okinawa, and Japanese home islands of
Hokkaidō and Honshū. The USS Missouri was also the site of
the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II on
September 2, 1945. After Word War II, she fought in the Korean
War, then was decommissioned into the United States Navy
reserve fleets.

During the 1980s, “Big Mo” was recommissioned and refitted
with modern armaments. In 1991, she participated in the Gulf
War, then her final decommission came on March 31, 1992. On
May 4, 1998, the Navy granted care of the battleship to the
USS Missouri Memorial Association, and six weeks later, on
Father's Day, June 21, 1998, she sailed to her current site in
Pearl Harbor to be set up as a museum, and on January 29,
1999, "Mighty Mo" began welcoming people from all around the
This month's WE WILL REMEMBER honors the
USS MISSOURI and the brave crews of the "Mighty Mo" joins freedom-lovers around the world in a heart-felt salute to
those who served proudly through the years onboard the mighty USS Missouri.


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