If anything, the fact that they stayed away proves how stupid and uninformed the Imus
comments really were!

Then Hillary flew to the Midwest and made a major announcement to a crowd in a junior
high school gymnasium that when she is elected president, she will make her husband a
"Roaming Ambassador to the World.”

Roaming Ambassador to the World?

Catchy title, don’t you think? Actually, his first choice was
reportedly “King of the World,” but apparently clearer
heads prevailed, so "Ambassador to the World" will
have to do, at least until the actual Clinton coronation.

Still…maybe someone should advise Hillary not to use
“roaming” and “Bill Clinton” in the same sentence. Refer
back to the comments about the intelligent actions of the
Rutgers women’s team. His “roaming” could cause
international stampedes by young, intelligent and
athletic women yearning to get away.

Really, wasn’t Bill’s “roaming” what caused Hillary’s worst embarrassments all these years
in Arkansas, Washington, New York, Canada…?

    Still, when you think it through
    (and I have my coffee-drinking
    buddy Rafe to thank for this
    insight), maybe “Roaming
    Ambassador” is the former First
    Lady’s subtle-yet-meaningful
    way to hint that once Bill uses
    his charm and connections to
    help her raise enough money to
    win the 2008 election, she plans
    to tell him once and for all,
    “Roam wherever you want,
    Bill, but just get the hell out
    of my kingdom!”

Damn, she’s good!

Maybe Hillary really is as smart as we’ve been told all these years.
                              ...What a Week for Hillary!

Two things happened this week with Hillary Rodham Clinton that were both fraught with
meaning, it seems to Tom, Rafe and me down here on the ranch.

First, the junior senator from New York made a heralded decision to drop by Rutgers
University to meet with the Scarlet Knights national championship runner-up women’s
basketball coach and team, reportedly to talk with them about the disparaging remarks
by the former New York radio personality Don Imus.
The official coffee mug for
bull-sessions with Sterling,
Tom and Rafe.
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She did sit down with the coach, but
the women’s team decided to skip
the little get-together. Study hall,
finals and Imus fatigue were all cited
by some spokesperson,
undoubtedly trying to keep from
giggling openly.

My coffee-drinking buddy Tom
has the idea that maybe the
team heard a rumor that Bill was
going to be there, too?
would seem to explain why these
young, intelligent and athletic
women vamoosed.
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