"I believe that is one of the principal reasons why political leaders around the world have
not yet taken action," Gore reportedly said. "There are many reasons, but one of the
principal reasons in my view is more than half of the mainstream media have rejected the
scientific consensus implicitly—and I say 'rejected,' perhaps it's the wrong word. They
have failed to report that it is the consensus and instead have chosen … balance as

Balance as bias? I guess you have to be smart enough to invent the Internet to be able to
follow the irony of that statement.

    See, here’s the problem: In my ever humble, down-on-the-
    ranch opinion, I think Al Gore, in his attempt to identify
    with the film industry people during the past few years,
    has watched a few too many Foghorn Leghorn cartoons,
    and these toons are apparently starting to influence his
    thinking abilities. He’s even starting to channel Foghorn-
    like vocal mannerisms of the late voice actor Mel Blanc.

    Close you eyes, and even though Al Gore’s mouth is
    moving, you can hear Foghorn Leghorn saying, “Now
    wait, I say, there’s simply too much balancin’ goin’ on out
    the’yah in the media, son!”

    Hey, Foghorn Al, there is great, I say, GREAT
    disagreement on scientific agreement about global
    warming, especially on the subject of humans being the
    cause of so-called global warming. Consensus, as you
    call it, simply is not true.

    For every scientist who says he or she
    believes as you do, there are equally
    qualified scientists who believe that
    global warming is as much of a crock
    as the “coming ice age” foisted upon
    the public by environmental “experts”
    twenty years ago.

    As an aside, why aren’t the non-
    believer scholars as widely published
    in peer-reviewed publications? It's a
    good question.

Even an old cowboy who has eaten `way too much trail dust (mixed with cattle-produced
methane gas, I might add) can answer that. Can you imagine a more closed-minded
society in the world than our nation’s educational reviews? Going against the closed-
minded reviewers is academic suicide, absolutely! But that’s another eColumn.

Back to the story—Foghorn…err…Gore, even while admitting the wide discrepancy in
belief about global warming, noted that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
recently released its fourth unanimous report calling on world leaders to take action on
global warming.

“Unanimous, I say heah, unanimous…!”

As if anyone who didn’t believe in human-caused global warming would be allowed to
participate in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Meanwhile, the angst-ridden vice president moans, the media has the audacity to voice
other opinions on the subject of global warming.

“Too much, I say, balancin’ goin’ on out the’yah, son!”

What I really like about the report of Foghorn Al’s post-Oscar appearance in
Murfreesboro was the last line: “Gore would not answer any questions from the media
about the event.” Doesn’t that just crack you up? Aren’t the liberal types projected to be
open-minded and transparent, always championing the rights of a free press?

“I say, son, no balancin’s gonna be goin’ on `round heah!”

Foghorn lives!

Now that he has conquered Hollywood and received the totally unbiased Oscar Award
for his incredibly
unbiased documentary feature, An Inconvenient Truth, former Vice
President Al Gore resumed his role as a thoroughly
unbiased environmental wonk.

Back in Tennessee (by the way, exactly how much of a carbon footprint did that private
jet require to fly from the LA festivities to his Smoky Mountain mansion?) at the U.S.
Media Ethics Summit II in Murfreesboro, the guy who invented the Internet (snicker!)
and inspired
Love Story (wink! wink!)
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admitted that the single most provocative slide in his
now-famous presentation was one that contrasts
results of two long-term studies:

  • One, a decade-long University of California
    study found that almost all of the peer-
    reviewed scientific journal articles agreed that
    global warming exists.

  • Another major study, however, found that over
    half of the mainstream newspaper articles didn’
    t agree with the global warming premise,
    especially with the so-called fact that humans
    are the cause.
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