Again and again during the war that seemed to drag on forever, the Democratic
president called his nation’s citizenry to support the war in order to overcome
tyranny. The people responded admirably.

Again and again during the war that seemed to drag on forever with 24-hour news
reports, the Republican president called on his nation’s citizenry to support the war in
order to defeat the enemy that had openly sworn to kill every American citizen who does
not convert to Islam. The mainstream news media and Democratic leaders called the
president every subversive and corrupt name in the book, doing everything in their power
to destroy our chances for victory and the possibility for democracy in the Middle East.

Americans, 131-million strong, endured wave after wave of casualties during the
four years of World War II, but they somehow kept going and supporting the war
effort, even as the casualties continued to mount. Out of over 16 million
Americans who served during the war, a total of 292,557 brave young Americans
died in battle and 670,846 were wounded.

Americans, 300-million strong, endured reports by America’s mainstream media and a
growing number of Democratic politicians that were critical of nearly every thing that our
commander-in-chief and military did, especially as the casualties continued to mount. Out
of over one million Americans who served during the war, thus far, over 3000 brave
young Americans have died in battle and over 32,000 have been wounded.

Americans were shocked to hear of the treatment of our soldiers taken prisoner
by the Axis Powers. Of the 130,000 Americans taken prisoner during World War
II, many were subjected to brutal treatment, including forced labor, medical
experimentation, starvation rations and poor medical care. Little, if any, access
was provided to the International Red Cross. This treatment resulted in a very
high death rate in prisoner of war camps (upwards to 37% in some Japanese
POW camps).

From nearly the beginning of the war against terrorism, the American people have been
deluged with reports of absolutely inhumane treatment of the terrorists taken captive and
lodged at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Brutality by Americans guards have included
placing underwear on certain captive’s faces, forcing them to live in fairly nice quarters,
providing balanced, nutritious meals and giving them ample opportunities to practice their

There were few victories to celebrate during the first years of World War II.
Even during the latter years, the outcome of the war was decided by very
narrow margins. People prayed for God to give us victory.

There were massive “Shock and Awe” victories during the first days of the war against
terrorism. Never has the world seen such a powerful, all-volunteer military force win initial
battles so convincingly. Within months, however, a growing number of politicos and
mainstream media people sought to downplay every victory, citing instead the “lack” of
weapons of mass destruction. Lack is in quotation marks, since numerous WMD
stockpiles and the evidence of mass WMD removal have been widespread (and widely

Regarded as a dastardly "surprise attack" and an act of "infamy," after
December 7 and throughout the Second World War, every effort was made to
keep the memory of fallen servicemen and servicewomen alive.

Regarded by some as an understandable attack, given America’s open support of Israel
and other Middle East allies, every effort to downplay U.S. victories throughout
Afghanistan and Iraq has been made by many in the mainstream media and Democratic
leadership. The greatest effort of all by the same media and leaders has focused on
trying to pretend that the “surprise attack” and acts of “infamy” on September 11 and
throughout the war on terrorism.

Posters, popular songs and other media were staples of wartime popular
culture, regular memorial services were held to commemorate the dead, and
flags that had flown at the Capitol and White House on December 7, 1941, were
raised over fallen enemy capital cities.

For awhile, nearly all Americans heralded our war efforts against the terrorists. Some
notable country songs reminded us of what was important. Many other artists and actors
from Barbra Streisand to the Dixie Chicks, John Mellancamp, and Sean Penn, reminded
us how stupid they thought our president was going to war in the first place.

Even as the war dragged on, the Democratic president was re-elected in a 1944
landslide as Americans showed their dogged support for the costly, deadly war.

Even as the war dragged on, the Republican president was lambasted from nearly every
side and the 2006 election brought a narrow victory to Democrats who had generally
sworn to end the “senseless” and expensive war as soon as possible.

Americans, though resolute in winning the war on all fronts in both the Atlantic
and Pacific, often wistfully longed for the day when the war could be won and
the soldiers could return to waving flags and huge parades.

An increasing number of Americans seem to long for the day of Clinton’s wag-the-dog
presidency, where wars lasted a day or so, consisting of a overrunning Haiti and lobbing
a few missiles into Iraq. Never mind that wagging-the-dog policies left us wide open to the
destruction of September 11.

After the war ended, Americans remained in the defeated countries for
decades, helping the subjugated countries to develop democracies and self-
supporting economies.

Long before the war ended, cowardly American politicians decided to play the Vietnam
card and get the hell out of an unpopular war, leaving the nations wide-open to a
humanitarian nightmare, a citizenry exposed to killing fields remindful of Cambodia and
Vietnam, and allies throughout the area extremely untrusting of any future American

Long after the conflict ended, the Pearl Harbor attack continued to shape a
generation of National defense policy and was not forgotten by those who had
lived through the war. Monuments, large and small, were erected on battle sites
and throughout our communities.

Long before the conflict ended and our gutless, clueless politicians on both sides of the
aisle voted to cut and run from the conflict.
We were told, openly and boldly, by one
of the popular Democratic presidential frontrunners, “We ended up launching a
war that should have never been authorized and should have never been
waged and to which we have now spent $400 billion and has seen over 3,000
lives of the bravest young Americans wasted.”
He was cheered by the left and
blogged for a few days by the right. Beyond that, his comments hardly caused a ripple in
the mainstream media.

Around the country, veterans' reunion groups have met regularly to keep the
memory of Pearl Harbor and sacrifice of World War II veterans alive. Even now,
some six decades later, Pearl Harbor remains the subject of a regular flow of
documentaries, motion pictures, books and articles.

Around the country, smart Americans need to be meeting to figure out what to do with a
dangerous, life-threatening situation where politicians are more interested in gaining
power and being re-elected than dealing with porous borders, Jihadists who have sworn
to kill every infidel who won’t convert to radical Islam, and an energy policy that focuses
more on funding the Jihadists than developing independence from those sworn to our

    In the end, a courageous Democratic president gave the
    go-ahead to the crew on the Enola Gay to drop the
    bombs that would suddenly and ultimately end WorldWar

    In the end, a gutless, clueless Democratic congress has refused
    to face the ultimate reality that their actions have emboldened
    well-funded suicidal forces who have plans in place to destroy
    enough of American that we no longer have the will to stand
    against a total takeover. Our leaders have gone so far as to
    make very sure that our president doesn’t even think about
    attacking Iran, despite growing evidence of increasingly bold
    support of attacks against our forces in Iraq.

Times sure have changed during the past seven decades, and I am saddened
for our country by what has already happened during the short, vengeful,
destructive reign of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

God help us all.

And God help us unless we elect and support leaders who are one-tenth as
dedicated to the cause of freedom and as courageous in the heat of battle as
our young servicemen and servicewomen.

The December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor attack changed everything. Immediately,
a courageous Democratic president urged congress to declare war against
terrorist forces around the globe, and young people immediately responded
by reporting to enlist for the coming war.

The September 11, 2001, terrorist-piloted attack on New York City’s Twin Towers,
Washington’s Pentagon and a third site in Pennsylvania changed many things.
Immediately a Republican president urged congress to declare war against terrorism
and its sponsors. Young people responded immediately by enlisting in record
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As the nation geared up for World
War II, Americans sacrificed,
planted Victory gardens, lived with
rationing stamps, bought war
bonds, conducted scrap metal
drives, and saw a growing number
of blue stars (serving in the
military), red stars (wounded in
action) and gold stars (killed in
action) placed in windows in nearly
every neighborhood.

As the nation geared up for the war
against terrorism, Americans watched
reality television, complained about the
price of gasoline, and occasionally saw
news reports of servicemen or
servicewomen killed or wounded in
action. Mostly, we saw a growing
number of people on television who
were more upset when breaking news
made us miss “Survivor.”
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