Recently, Tom, Rafe and I read with interest the news
    story from the city of Katowice where the statue’s
    supports cited the anti-communist Reagan as a “symbol
    of liberty.”

    These advocates believe that the American leader
    deserves to become the focal point of the city’s Freedom
    Square. He would replace a monument to Soviet troops
    who replaced the Nazis in occupying the country.

Get this, the Polish proponents also want to re-name the site “Ronald Reagan Freedom

In addition to this proposal for Katowice, there are separate plans for Poland’s capital of
Warsaw to erect its own statue in memory of Reagan.

Reagan, who passed away in June 2004 at the age of 93, is almost universally credited
by the Polish citizenry with helping that country to break free from Soviet tyranny. The
conservative American leader had the audacity of talking about fighting communism. In
fact, it was a familiar theme during his presidency that lasted from 1980-1988. He not only
called the Soviets an “evil empire,” but openly backed Poland’s workers in 1981 when the
U.S.S.R.-backed regime declared martial law in an attempt to silence the Solidarity
movement and its leader, Lech Walesa.

So, in addition to airports, schools and highways throughout the United States being
named after the Gipper, people in Poland are making plans to erect statutes to honor the
freedom fighter.

It must be driving the world’s leftist intelligentsia bonkers!

Our here on the ranch, savoring our cups of coffee from the mugs, my
buddies Tom and Rafe agree with me that these days we need a hell of a lot more
reminding us of Ronald Reagan and his courage.

Now, more than ever!

At least that’s my view from this side of the back porch.

Well, well, well! As much as the mainstream media and liberal pundits have tried to re-
write history, history has a way of righting things.

Was a leader ever pillaged from the left like President Ronald Reagan?

His economic policies would decimate our nation!

His “evil empire” comments and strong international stands would cause worldwide chaos!
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Oh, my!

Instead, as time has proven, he was completely correct. He steadfastly helped us,
“malaise” and all, to believe in ourselves again. His “reactionary” desire to cut taxes
and get rid of governmental bureaucracy caused one of the greatest economic
jumpstarts in modern history.

Now, 27 years after the Reagan Revolution began, anyone with an open mind has to
admit the truth.

It must cause great gnashing of teeth among leftist-types who hear today’s young
college students talk glowingly about the 40th president. If so, it must be incredibly
disgusting to hear about such efforts as the effort in the formerly Soviet-bloc country
of Poland to erect a statue to Reagan to replace a Communist-era monument.
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