• Second, he will also apparently collect a second one-time pension payout of more than $1,000,000, also
    reportedly tax-free, for his other twenty-plus years of hard work and selfless sacrifice at the U.N.

  • Third, considering he has spent considerable time as the hero of anti-American sentiment (and winner of the
    Nobel Peace Prize, of course—isn’t that a given?) during his U.N. years, he will undoubtedly tap into the
    lucrative speaking business all around the globe. He’s handsome, dashing, well-spoken, and—did I
    mention—outspokenly anti-American?

  • Fourth, there has to be a well-paid slot in the mainstream media for a handsome, dashing, well-spoken, anti-
    American, former U.N. S-G. CBS? Maybe the New York Times?

  • Finally, apparently Kofi’s other amazing revenue streams are chump change to the tax-free income many
    believe he and his son reportedly  tucked away during the Iraq Oil-for-Food scandal of the 1990s
    and early 2000s. It’s probably worth mentioning that more than two-billion dollars (that’s two with nine zeros!)
    apparently vanished into thin air in what many consider to be the most bizarre, brazen (I’d use the word
    “ballsy” here, but my wife doesn’t think I should use that word in public) acts in the erstwhile bizarre, brazen
    (yep, ballsy!) history of the United Nations. Please understand, covering my legal bases, I’m not personally
    saying Kofi and Kojo had anything at all to do with these missing U.N.-supervised funds, but…what was that
    story I remember from my childhood about the fox and hen house?

For obvious reasons, Annan has steadfastly (I’m pretty sure ballsy would work well in this sentence, too!) refused to
release any financial records, other than his U.N. salary (a paltry $315,000), the one point which is a matter of
public record.

He has not disclosed his income from stock investments, in lieu of his outright refusal to create a blind trust, even
while holding the U.N.’s top leadership position, and
he continues to refuse any public release of any
accounting of his personal wealth—this, from the one who campaigned for the United Nation’s top spot
under a promise of "transparency,"
a pledge he repeatedly proclaimed while running for office in 1996.

I’m not a linguistics expert, but “transparency” apparently means something different to Kofi than it does down here
on the ranch.

Oh, and did I mention that while he was at the helm, the UN has suffered under the worst financial scandals in its 60-
year history (and that's saying something, considering the fact that the UN has been one of the slimiest scams
perpetrated on the host country [translation: United States taxpayers] in the history of mankind).

As the classic George and Ira Gershwin tune says, “Nice work if you can get it.”

Apparently, if you are Kofi Annan (with apologies to George and Ira), you CAN get it if you try!
Not too many people in these parts shed a bushel of tears when United Nation’s
Secretary-General Kofi Annan announced plans to retire on January 1, 2007,
ending a ten-year term in that lofty position.

Prior to that esteemed title, he worked more than twenty years in various posts
deep inside the bowels of the U.N, including under-secretary for peace-keeping

Now that the time has come for Kofi to go do whatever-it-is that he plans to do,
maybe it's time for those of us who have paid his bills all these years to
do a performance review
In fact, even when soon-to-be former S-G Annan began making a festive, global
round of victory laps, a couple of things in those news stories, I must admit,
became fodder (translation: topic of discussion) at several coffee-drinking bull
sessions with my buddies Tom and Rafe.

See if they don’t make you want to scratch your own noggin a time or
, as it has for us:

  • First, Kofi has “petitioned” the U.N. to collect a pension of more than
    $250,000 a year, reportedly tax-free, for the rest of his life because
    of the hard work and selfless sacrifice he did during his S-G years.
    Needless to say, the proposed payout to Good King Kofi is the largest on
    record in the 60-year history of the United Nations.
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