Even after Abramoff goes to jail, Democrats point
accusing fingers, aided by the usual mainstream
media suspects. Republicans empty their pockets
of anything resembling tainted money.

Did I mention that careers are over? Did I mention
that people go to jail?

Nobody is championing Jack Abramoff here, but I
just don’t get how Abramoff is the world’s worst
villain while a seemingly unending string of
Chinagates continue to unfold, yet no one seems
to care. One involves influence peddling and Native
American casinos. Another involves a country that
wants all our secrets and has openly expressed a desire to destroy the freedoms we enjoy.

Am I missing something? My coffee-drinking buddies down here on the ranch, Tom and Rafe,
don't get it either, even though we've applied every smell test to the situation that we know.

Let me put this as gingerly as I can, since I don’t want Tom, Rafe or me and mine to end up
dead in a Arkansas field or a Washingtonian park.

As I understand it, one presidential candidate has contributors who have perfected the
“bundling” technique, involving the appropriately named “bundler” who holds fund-raisers and
collects campaign donations from other contributors, then presents all these checks “bundled”
together as one major contribution.

Define bundling however you want—at least the old Boss Tweed, Fiorello LaGuardia and
Richard J. Dailey types called it what it was—but this “new” fundraising technique is now
apparently providing an unending river of money emanating from China. Still, the outpouring
barely rates a mention in the same mainstream media that skewers any Republican politicians
who received even the most minute contributions from Jack Abramoff..

    Yes, there are the obligatory reports of Hsu—his massive
    Ponzi scheme and flights from justice, usually tempered
    by glowing reports of “wealthy contributor to Democratic
    causes” and “long-time friend”—and there are the
    occasional and scattered paragraphs about inordinately
    large amounts of money generated from grimy Chinatown
    tenements on both coasts, but these just don’t seem to
    garner any interest at all in how people from Asia
    suddenly have the inspiration, not to mention the
    wherewithal, to suddenly begin erupting in spontaneous
    outpourings of uncharacteristic generosity toward one
    single Democratic candidate.

Instead, we get glowing reports that use the word “remarkable” about the ingenuity with which
one certain presidential hopeful is able to raise money from supporters who cherish the
thoughts of her being elected, never mind that they don't speak English or vote.

When pressed, the candidate from Chappaqua has offered to give back all of the tainted
money. Nobody seems to care that all of it apparently hasn’t returned, or that the spinmeisters
continue working overtime to keep anyone from pointing toward the obvious. Promises are
made that better vetting of major contributors is being put in place, this from a presidential
candidate who wants to oversee the most important and vital information-gathering and security-
providing forces in the world.

`Scuse me, but she and her people keep getting snookered by two-bit thugs and one
philandering husband, and she still wants us to trust her judgment?

Doesn’t it seem that vetting someone like Hsu would be a no-brainer? Doesn’t anyone in the
mainstream media (or even inside the Clinton camp, for that matter) want to ask a few questions
about the “bundlers” who magically manufacture money with overseas links from some of the
poorest neighborhoods in the country, dishwashers, waiters, street stall hawkers and other low-
paid workers many who reportedly don’t understand anything but Mandarin and Fujianese, yet
who shower thousands apiece on only one presidential candidate?

Doesn’t it seem interesting that most of the money is reportedly coming from recent immigrants
from one province of China, and that this presidential candidate has miraculously enlisted the
aid of neighborhood associations to gather funds, especially since at least some these
“organizations” reportedly have criminal ties to gambling and human trafficking. These
“associations” apparently have enormous influence over immigrants, helping to obtain green
cards, providing protection from crime and seemingly determining who works where.

Considering that, doesn’t it seem like it would attract attention of even a few curious reporters to
ask why many of the Chinatown donors openly admit that they were told what to do, even
pressured how to contribute?

And as reported recently by Chuck Neubauer and Tom Hamburger in the
Los Angeles Times
(October 17, 2007), lonely voices crying out in the wilderness, there are reports of recorded
donors who denying making contributions, others who admit that they lack the legal-resident
status which is required for giving campaign money, and at least one-third of the donors who
could not be found using the usual property, telephone or business records. Nobody seems to
know or have heard of many of the people on contributor lists.

On both coasts, so many the people who openly and freely gave, now seem to have
disappeared! Isn’t that interesting? Wouldn’t that make a Pulitzer Prize-winning scoop for some
enterprising reporter? Apparently not.

And wouldn’t it seem like creative journalist could ask a few more questions about how the
modest income Paw family of Daley City, California, could suddenly be able to begin
contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to one candidate?

Or wouldn’t it be interesting to attempt to connect the dots as to why people who just arrived
from overseas, who cannot speak English, who have the lowest-level jobs, are suddenly
overcome with patriotic pride and the compulsion to give to one single candidate, even though
most have never even registered to vote?

And wouldn’t it be interesting to know more about how a guy like Norman Hsu is able to carve
out a piece of political and financial influence by funneling untold hundreds of thousands of
dollars in campaign contribution into Democratic Party coffers, much of the money earmarked
for one special presidential candidate, even as he lives brazenly as a fugitive from justice?

Says Neubauer and Hamburger in the LA
Times article, “”Beyond what it reveals about present-
day campaign fundraising, Chinatown's newfound role in the 2008 election cycle marks another
chapter in the centuries-old American saga of marginalized ethnic groups and newly arrived
immigrants turning to politics to improve their lot.”

Wouldn’t you love to have all the information about the flood of money flowing into one
presidential candidate’s coffers from communist China’s unlimited pocketbooks?

Wouldn’t it be fun to go back and find out what really happened during the 1990s when all the
connections to communist Chinese money were being opened? Or don’t you remember about
such things was the campaign finance controversies that involved efforts by the People's
Republic of China (PRC) to influence domestic American politics through the willing (and
apparently well-paid) participants in that administration?

You don’t remember that? Oh, that’s right. Nobody seems to remember the
Los Angeles Times
story by Bob Woodward and Brian Duffy (September 21, 1996) about a United States
Department of Justice investigation into the fund-raising activities in which Chinese agents
sought to direct contributions from foreign sources to the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Neither do people, especially in the mainstream media, seem to recollect that intelligence
information showed that the communist Chinese Embassy in the Washington, D.C. was used,
apparently routinely, for coordinating contributions to the DNC in violation of United States law
forbidding non-American citizens or non-permanent residents from giving monetary donations
to United States politicians and political parties.

Nor does anybody seem to remember (or care) that twenty-two people were eventually
convicted for fraud or for funneling communist funds into United States elections, or that a
number of those convictions came against longtime Clinton-Gore loyalists and political

And apparently nobody in the mainstream media has a computer search engine that points
toward some amazing tendencies that could possibly bear any influence on the continued
influence-garnering contributions from the Chinese government.

For instance, do you remember the illegal foreign
contribution by Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie to President Bill
Clinton's legal defense fund, delivered in an envelope
containing $460,000 in $1,000 contributions, some
on sequentially numbered money orders made out in
different names but with the same handwriting! (Hint:
Check out "The Exploits of Charlie Trie", Editorial,
Washington Post, Aug. 3, 1997). When questions
arose about Trie’s fund-raising activities, he
skedaddled back to China, then returned after the
dust settled and got three years of probation for
violating federal campaign finance laws. (By
comparison, On March 29, 2006, Jack Abramoff was
sentenced to five years and ten months in prison
and ordered to pay restitution of more than $21 million.

Then-Senator Fred Thompson said during public hearings:

    I would like to turn our attention to one of the most troublesome areas of this
    investigation. I speak of allegations concerning a plan... by the Chinese government and
    designed to pour illegal money into American political campaigns. The plan had a goal: to
    buy access and influence in furtherance of Chinese government interests... The
    committee believes that... Chinese government officials crafted a plan to increase China's
    influence over the U.S. political process. The committee has identified specific steps
    taken in furtherance of the plan. Implementation of the plan has been handled by
    Chinese government officials and individuals enlisted to assist in the effort... Our
    investigation suggests that the plan continues today. Although most discussions of the
    plan focuses on Congress, our investigation suggests it affected the 1996 presidential
    race and state elections as well. The government of China is believed to have allocated
    substantial sums of money to achieve its objectives. Another aspect of the plan is
    remarkable because it shows that the PRC is interested in developing long-term
    relationships with... up and coming government... officials at state and local levels. The
    intent is to establish relations that can be cultivated as the officials rise through the ranks
    to higher office.

    The pattern was clear then to at least
    one senator.

    The pattern has continued, and the
    list could go on and on—Wang Jun,
    Johnny Chung, Liu Chaoying, General
    Ji, John Huang and the Lippo Group—
    but you have your own search
    engines, and you can connect the
    dots that keep leading back to one
    family in one political party, not that
    anyone in the mainstream media will
    be able to do so.

    The woman who would be president
    doesn't seem to pick her friends very
    carefully, does she? Or are we seeing
    all the picture?

Now, is this an indictment of people from China?

You must be kidding!

Anyone with an ounce of horse-sense knows that people who come here from China are among
the most hard-working, intelligent, studious, creative, and thrifty people you’ll ever want to meet.

But these wonderful people are here, at least all the ones with whom I am acquainted, for one
singular reason—to escape the totalitarian regime of the People’s Republic of China.

My Chinese friends don’t ever want to go back, except perhaps to help extricate family members
or friends who are still there.

And they definitely cannot understand why one presidential candidate or her husband would
sell one’s soul, apparently, as well as the nation’s security and hope for survival, to a historically
repressive and reprehensible band of totalitarian thugs who salivate at having all that we have
except our freedoms.

There is so much more to say, but it probably won’t make the evening news, not unless Jack
Abramoff, Native American casinos and Republicans get involved with the Chinese government.

Go figure! As for Tom, Rafe and me, I guess we'll just keep scratching heads and drinking
coffee until someone a lot smarter connects the dots (and the massive cash flow) hat seem to
lead East, Far East.
                     ...Something Doesn't Add Up!

Excuse me. I’m not getting something.

Connect Jack Abramoff—the once-powerful lobbyist at the center of a wide-ranging public
corruption investigation who pled guilty yesterday to fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe
public officials—to any Republican, and the flashing red lights and screaming sirens go off in
every media outlet in the country.

Careers are over. Media types swarm over every scintilla of evidence linking any GOP politician
who has ever been photographed in the same hemisphere with Abramoff.
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