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The response to recent teaching on intercessory prayer
has been wonderful, far beyond anything I expected.

Many have sent in prayer requests.

Others have asked for prayer, then sent praise reports as
those prayers are answered.

Others have asked if they can be part of an informal
intercessory prayer group.

I already had a group of prayer partners who have lifted up
my ministry through the years. For years it's been called,
very informally,
The Parson's Prayer Circle.

Simple enough, right?

That same select group of volunteers have agreed to help
expand our prayer circle.

  • Once a week, you will receive a list of prayer
    requests/praise reports with the person's first
    name, last initial and state/territory/country only.

  • Once a month, you will receive a short email
    with helpful information about becoming a
    more effective intercessor.

  • The only thing asked of you is to agree to set
    aside at least an extra 10 minutes a day for the
    next month to intercede for others from our
    prayer request lists and your own.

  • Within days of letting us know of your
    commitment, you will receive a digital
    certificate with your name inscribed, ready to
    print and frame for your home or office,
    signifying that you are part of The Parson's
    Prayer Circle.

If you want to be part of this group, send your name (as
you want it to appear on your certificate) and email address

That's it!

Your name won't be made public, ever!. Your email
address won't be shared with anyone, ever! You
won't be asked for donations, ever!

May God bless you!

Isaiah 59:16, Galatians 6:2 and 1 Timothy 2:1 all speak
of a believer's responsibility to intercede for others.

Genesis 18 points to the need for believers to stand
for righteousness.

Isaiah 58:6-7 outlines the critical need for intercessory

Romans 8:26-34 offers help as you intercede for

Ephesians 6 lists the "armor" that you need for
spiritual warfare as an intercessor.
Send your prayer requests and/or praise reports to