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The people would not have to wait six years, as in the U.S. Senate, to turn out
what may be considered an undesirable Representative. The entire U.S. House
of Representatives will be facing election in November 2008.

The United States is importing more than 60 percent of its oil
from foreign countries, many unfriendly, particularly Venezuela.

America’s economic energy lifeline could be severely damaged
with moderate changes in our oil imports.

Gasoline prices at $4.00-plus per gallon were being reported
in several states today. Crude oil has already topped out at
$122 per barrel as of May 7. The possibility of $200 per barrel
oil prices are predicted by year’s end.

The U.S. Congress must step forward and become
accountable for solving what could become a national

At least one Congressman, Dan Young, R-Alaska,
ranking member of the Committee on Natural Resources,
has taken action to remind his colleagues in both
parties of the harmful, rapid rise of energy costs and,
further, that "Congress is doing nothing to ease the
pain at the pump."

The response to that challenge is silence. Congress just sits there as if dumbstruck.

While it might be difficult to find something positive that Congress is doing, most certainly
the negatives on what Congress is not doing are everywhere abundant:

  • Congress is not acting to open ANWR's 30-year, one-million-barrels-a-day
    supply to reduce America's imported oil dependency.

  • Congress is not acting to develop a process to begin reclaiming what
    could be some two trillion barrels of shale oil that underlies an area from the
    Canadian border through Montana and Wyoming to the state of Utah. Canada has
    set an example by reclaiming millions of barrels of oil from its tar sands deposit,
    principally in Alberta.

  • Congress is not permitting the
    exploration and development and
    drilling of new gas fields
    necessary to provide the cleanest of
    all America's fossil energy sources.

  • Congress is not supporting the
    development of clean coal so
    necessary in reducing the carbon
    dioxide output of our coal-fired
    electrical generating plants.

  • Congress likewise is not
    emphasizing the development of
    nuclear power, the safest, cleanest
    and most economical power-
    generating source of all time.

  • Congress is saying no to energy exploration in 85 percent of the U.S. outer-
    continental shelf.

  • Congress is against energy exploration in the U.S. Intermountain West.

  • Congress is objecting to more hydropower energy.

  • Congress is saying no to 90 percent of energy that runs America's powerful
    economic engine.

Congress has been working against the
best interests of the American public for
too many years.

Unless the American public takes
control at the next November
election and demands an energy
commitment from each Congressional
candidate, the U.S. economy as we
know it may not survive.
used by MyBestYears.com
with special permission from

E. Ralph Hostetter
, a
crusading newspaper
editor, owner and publisher
for a half-century, and a
champion of individual

In his columns Hostetter
consistently warns of the
harmful erosion of our
constitutional rights.

Born and educated in
Maryland, he enlisted in
the U.S. Navy in 1941 and
was assigned in 1943 to
the Naval Reserve Officers
Training Corps at Harvard
University, where he
earned a bachelor of
science degree in 1945.
He was released from
World War II service in
1946 with the rank of
Ensign. Recalled into the
U.S. Navy in 1950 during
the Korean War, he served
as a Naval Intelligence
Officer until released in
1952 with the rank of
Lieutenant, Senior Grade.

Hostetter is chairman and
publisher of American
Farm Publications Inc.,
Easton, Md., and former
president and owner of
TriState Publishing
Company, Elkton, Md., a
chain of 13 community
He was elected to the
Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press
Association Newspaper Hall of
Fame in 1990. The New Jersey
Agricultural Society awarded
Hostetter its highest award, the
Gold Medallion, in 2003.

Hostetter is also Vice
President of the Strasburg
Rail Road Co. (PA),
Chairman of Ambassador
Travel Service (DE),  
Chairman, Southside
Virginia Auto Auction, (VA)
and owner of Camelot East
Farms, Prince Edward
Island, Canada.

Active in civic affairs,
Hostetter is presently a
member of the Board of
Directors of Free
Congress Foundation,
Washington, DC.

In nearly 50 years of travel,
Hostetter has made three
round-the-world trips,
visiting 113 countries,
including traveling to
Antartica, going through
the Northwest Passage on
a Russian ice breaker, and
to the North Pole on an
atomic-powered Russian
ice breaker.

He married the former
Edith White of North East,
Md., in 1947 and they have
five daughters, one son
and 13 grandchildren.
       ...A Dumbstruck Congress

The Founding Fathers in their wisdom provided that
one section of the  U.S. Government be established to
provide the closest access possible for the people of
the nation.

On the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, that became
Section 2 of  Article I, the U.S. House of Representa-
tives. As additional protection, the term of office of
members of the House of Representatives was set as
the least of any elected office holder, just two years.
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Are we headed for the
"good ole days" that
we experienced during
Jimmy Carter's
Whatever happened to the "fresh new
direction" that was to blow into
Washington with Democrat Speaker of the
House Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Senate
Majority Leader Harry Reid? It turns out to
be the same old hot wind, increased pork
barrel spending and total lack of a
practical, America-friendly energy policy!