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seniors of their life savings, homes, and businesses when they die — though they’ve
paid their taxes and still managed to save something.

60 Plus lobbies for the support and stability of Social Security. It works tirelessly to see
that all seniors have the medical care and hospitalization they need and deserve.

Personally close to many of the most powerful men in Congress and to President Bush
himself, Jim is absolutely the best friend seniors have in Washington.

So, I’m going to do something I’ve never done here before:
I’m going to share with you, verbatim, a press release
issued by Jim Martin and 60 Plus, only a couple of days

Likely, you haven’t seen it, since it didn’t have the benefit
of a major news outlet, and statements like this can
disappear quickly in the constant flurry of other releases,
especially in a turbulent election season. If you’re 50 or
older — or ever hope to be — you need to read this
righteous tirade.

Let your hackles rise as Marine Jim takes on a fellow
veteran who has insulted a presidential candidate, our
current president, and our military commanders who are
serving and defending our nation at war. Hold on . . .

    April 17, 2008

    The head of a senior citizens’ organization called on Rep. John Murtha (D-
    Pa.) to apologize to older Americans for his thoughtless remarks
    yesterday that John McCain is ‘too old to be President.’

    Ageism is one of the last remaining prejudices that parades openly in our
    society and it is discouraging to hear a sitting U.S. Representative, a
    senior himself at 75, state that age is an indicator of performance or
    ability,” said Jim Martin, president of the 60 Plus Association.

    I can’t tell you how sickened I am by this playing of the ‘age’ card.

    Has he never heard of Charles De Gaulle who was
    France’s leader for a decade, ages 70-80, or the
    inimitable Winston Churchill who left office the last
    time at 81? Who can listen without a surge of pride
    and gratitude to Churchill’s stirring remarks in the
    dark days of WWII when he, and he alone, rallied
    Great Britain and the rest of the free world against
    Hitler? Churchill was then only 71, McCain’s age,
    ultimately retiring from office 10 years later.

    And Konrad Adenauer ruled for 15 years in post
    war Germany, leaving office at 87.

    If Murtha is so concerned about the rigors of
    office, perhaps he should counsel some of his

    Specifically, why isn’t he speaking out about 90-year-old Senator Robert
    Byrd of West Virginia who is third in line to be president, God forbid, and
    it’s plain to see he is doddering. And if Byrd steps aside, who is the third
    in line for the grueling job of president, none other than Senator Ted
    Kennedy, age 76, young in my view, but not Murtha’s.

    Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, 84, Daniel Inouye, 83, Daniel
    Akaka, 83, to name a few others. Why isn’t Murtha concerned about their

    It’s obvious. They’re Democrats. This is politics at its stinkiest.

    As for the 60 Plus Association, our Honorary Chairman is former Rep.
    Roger Zion, (R-IN) 87. Our spokesman is legendary entertainer Pat Boone,
    73. Are they to hang it up?

    As for me, at 72, I swim a mile daily, play basketball in three leagues, over
    60, 65, and 70. I’m older than McCain, who is in my opinion a spry and
    tenacious and rugged leader.

    A Hanoi Hilton prisoner of war for over five years, McCain at 71 has
    endured physical and emotional hardships that most of us could not

    And I must say that Congressman Murtha’s timing is interesting, with
    none other than His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, in town this week,
    celebrating his 81st birthday at The White House. Too old to be Pope?

    I’m going to get a group of seniors to visit Murtha’s office and demand an
    apology. The same for DNC Chairman Howard Dean for his equally stupid
    ‘age’ card remarks. Dissing seniors. Have they no shame?”

Go get ’em, Jim! It’s more than high time we seniors used our voices and our
considerable clout—and, yes, our anger—to shout down the naysayers, the white flag
wavers, the insensitive critics and demagogues who constantly hack away at our elected
leaders, especially when we’re at war, at home as well as abroad.
The eColumn appears on
courtesy of Pat Boone,
recently inducted into the
inaugural Class of 2007
Hit Parade Hall of Fame.

During the early years of
his golden career, Pat
sold more records in the
'50's than any other
artist except Elvis

As one of the top
recording artists of the
Rock and Roll era, he
sold more than 45
million records and
charted 60 songs in the
Top Forty, with 18 hitting
the Top Ten. His
Platinum recording
"Love Letters in the
Sand" stayed on the
charts for 34
consecutive weeks.

Pat also starred in 15
films, including
to the Center of the
, State Fair, and
April Love.

Currently, Boone hosts
two weekly radio
The Pat
Boone Show
(one of the
most listened to and
recognizable radio
shows in the country)
Then and Now, from
Music of Your Life
Radio Network. Each
week Pat Boone is
heard worldwide on over
315 radio stations.

For almost 20 years,
has proudly held the
honor of spokesperson,
chairman and host of
the Easter Seal
Society Telethon.

Through the years, Pat
Boone has given voice
to the best things about
America, religious liberty
and freedom.
                              ...Dissing on Seniors?

Don’t mess with a Marine. Definitely not with my favorite
Marine, Jim Martin. Jim is president of
The 60 Plus
Association, a dynamic and politically influential seniors
organization, based in our nation’s capitol.

Like AARP in many ways, but more conservative in political
and economic outlook, 60 Plus stumps for seniors 24/7,
across the board. It lobbies Congress for the absolute
abolishment of the “Death Tax,” the name Jim gave
appropriately to the “estate tax,” which unconscionably robs
Visit Pat's Gold!
Jim Martin, president of the 60
Plus Association..."Dissing
seniors? Have they no
Winston Churchill...too
old to lead England
fearlessly through the
darkest days of World
War II at 71?