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In early 2004, David Horowitz and Richard Poe, both former 1960s radicals who have
since become conservatives, began an investigation into the activities of several
"influential and powerful groups that were secretly stirring up disunion and disloyalty in
the Democrat Party." The result was a New York Times best-seller book entitled
Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of
the Democratic Party

While the book was well publicized in book reviews by the New York Times, it was totally
ignored by the dominant media, thus denying nearly all of the U.S. public the knowledge
of the encroaching threat to the Democrat Party.

Therefore, the American public was unable to engage in public discourse. A constant
drumbeat of hate toward George Bush, his closest advisors and staff, coupled with
incessant charges of scandal and investigations, served as cover for the stealth

The far left Democrat leadership in Congress, no doubt, was fully aware of the pending
takeover and were willing participants in the major media cover-up.

Bankrolling principals in the takeover are far left
billionaire George Soros and several very
wealthy close associates including Peter B.
Lewis and Stephen L. Bing.

In the period August 2000 to August 2004, their
IRS Section 527 tax-deductible contributions,
according to Horowitz, were:
George and
Susan Soros
, $24,170,000; Peter B. Lewis,
$23,147,200 and
Stephen L. Bing,

    Deserving special attention is the
    fourth major contributor, Hanoi Jane
    Fonda of Vietnam War days.

    The size of her contributions of some
    $13,085,750 from August 2000 to
    August 2004 would indicate Fonda
    may play some role in the political
    slant of the Shadow Party. Hanoi Jane
    traveled to North Vietnam at the
    height of the Vietnam War, met with
    leaders of that nation, making anti-
    American statements, thereby giving
    aid and comfort to the enemy.

In 1973, she married pro-communist radical leader Tom Hayden, founder of the
revolutionary Students for a Democratic Society in 1962. Hayden was later tried as a co-
conspirator in the infamous "Chicago Seven" trial.

Hanoi Jane traveled to numerous university campuses and in 1970 in a speech told Duke
University students, "If you understood what Communism was, you would hope and pray
on your knees that we would someday become Communist."

David Horowitz reported: "By early 2004, the Shadow Party had assumed a coherent
shape, under Soros' guidance. At its heart lay seven ostensibly 'independent' non-profit
Let's call them the Seven Sisters. In ... order of their launch dates, they are:
Moveon.org (recently involved in the shameful New York Times ad re: General David
Petreas), launched September 22, 1998;
Center for American Progress (CAP), July 7,
America Votes, July 15, 2003; American Coming Together (ACT), July 17,
The Media Fund, November 5, 2003; Joint Victory Campaign, 2004; and the
Thunder Road Group LLC, early 2004.”

Filling their executive and management positions are many members of the Clinton
Administration including John Podesta, Harold Ickes, Gene Sperling, Matt Miller, Robert
Boorstin and David Brock.

David Brock is now CEO of Media Matters for America, a Web site that grew out of the
Seven Sisters group, funded principally by the Shadow Party. Additionally, funding is
provided by Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Tides Foundation. Board members of Media Matters
include John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore.

Both Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, at present, are involved in a controversy of smear
tactics generated by David Brock and Media Matters.

The Shadow Party's ability to garner what will be hundreds of millions of dollars in the
future is the off-shoot of a well intended and much needed campaign finance committee
reform act sponsored by U.S. Senators John
McCain, R-Ariz., and Russ Feingold, D-Wis.
— the McCain-Feingold Act. This act proved
to be one of the worst examples of well
intended acts bringing forth unintended

The object of the act originally was to eliminate
"soft money" contributions during election
campaigns. Soft money came from donors
who could give as much money as they wished
to political parties. Hard money represented
monies contributed directly to a candidate's
campaign, and those contributions were
strictly limited in amount. The soft money
problem appeared solved with the Act.

However, some very clever politicians found a loophole in the IRS Code - Section 527
which permitted committees to be formed without required registry with the Federal
Election Commission (FEC) nor divulging their finances thereto. These committees,
formed as non-profit organizations, were permitted to accept tax-deductible contributions
in any amount, ostensibly to promote "issues" and non-partisan get-out-the-vote drives.

The loophole in the IRS Code Section 527 has opened the floodgates of tax-deductible
contributions to political parties.

The results are obvious. Continued use of the tax-deductible aspects of the 527
committees threatens the rank and file control of the Democrat Party, enabling
a Shadow Party funded by questionable billionaire contributors to advance into
its place.

If the Section 527 of the IRS Code is not repealed, political parties in the United States,
as we know them, may disappear.
used by MyBestYears.com
with special permission from

E. Ralph Hostetter
, a
crusading newspaper
editor, owner and publisher
for a half-century, and a
champion of individual

In his columns Hostetter
consistently warns of the
harmful erosion of our
constitutional rights.

Born and educated in
Maryland, he enlisted in
the U.S. Navy in 1941 and
was assigned in 1943 to
the Naval Reserve Officers
Training Corps at Harvard
University, where he
earned a bachelor of
science degree in 1945.
He was released from
World War II service in
1946 with the rank of
Ensign. Recalled into the
U.S. Navy in 1950 during
the Korean War, he served
as a Naval Intelligence
Officer until released in
1952 with the rank of
Lieutenant, Senior Grade.

Hostetter is chairman and
publisher of American
Farm Publications Inc.,
Easton, Md., and former
president and owner of
TriState Publishing
Company, Elkton, Md., a
chain of 13 community
He was elected to the
Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press
Association Newspaper Hall of
Fame in 1990. The New Jersey
Agricultural Society awarded
Hostetter its highest award, the
Gold Medallion, in 2003.

Hostetter is also Vice
President of the Strasburg
Rail Road Co. (PA),
Chairman of Ambassador
Travel Service (DE),  
Chairman, Southside
Virginia Auto Auction, (VA)
and owner of Camelot East
Farms, Prince Edward
Island, Canada.

Active in civic affairs,
Hostetter is presently a
member of the Board of
Directors of Free
Congress Foundation,
Washington, DC.

In nearly 50 years of travel,
Hostetter has made three
round-the-world trips,
visiting 113 countries,
including traveling to
Antartica, going through
the Northwest Passage on
a Russian ice breaker, and
to the North Pole on an
atomic-powered Russian
ice breaker.

He married the former
Edith White of North East,
Md., in 1947 and they have
five daughters, one son
13 grandchildren.
              ...The Shadow Party

Unnoticed until very recent times, a Shadow Party has
formed under the noses of the American public and is
now well on the way to seizing control of the Democrat

Stealthy operators of the far left began building a
network of Web sites as early as 2003. The radical
networks planned to take over the Democrat Party by
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