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The confidence level (as of June 21) of 25 percent public approval of both President
Bush and the U.S. Congress is one of the lowest levels of public acceptance in 35 years.
Disapproval comes in at 63 percent.

The much vaunted leadership change brought about by the 2006 Congressional
elections has settled down to little more than far-left rhetoric. The newly elected leaders
ran on an anti-Bush, anti-war platform offering no substance for the benefit of the
American public.

The Congressional far left campaigned in
a vacuum of ideas and, not surprisingly,
is attempting to govern from a vacuum.

Both the Congress and the Executive branch
are at odds with the U.S. public with respect
to the most over-riding issue of the day,
immigration. Sixty percent of the U.S. public
are opposed to the amnesty proposals in the
present Senate bill 1639.

The Congress passed legislation to
provide 700 miles of fence along the
Mexican border and then failed to fund
the construction.

In the most recent Senate Bill 1639, under debate today, President Bush agreed to
support an amendment that will provide an additional 4.4 billion dollars to fund the 700-
mile fence and add variously 10,000 to 18,000 more border patrol guards for
surveillance duties on the Mexican Border. Webster defines surveillance as "watch kept
over a person." This definition could be expanded to "watch kept over a person crossing
the border." In 2005, President Bush added 9,000 National Guard troops to surveillance
duty along the Mexican border with little or no effect. Most of the 4.4 billion dollar
appropriation will be commitments that will require financing in like amounts year after
year. A one-time commitment of 4.4 billion dollars would build a barrier fence two times
over without repeat financing year after year.

Illegal immigration must be stopped! Only a barrier can do this in the form of a wall or a
fence designed to stop illegal aliens on the spot.

It would appear that America's government languishes on dead center.
Dramatic action will be required by one side or the other to return the United
States to normal government operation.

At present the far-left leadership of Congress seems intent on stopping the war in Iraq.
President Bush will veto that.

The President has requested an energy program that opens offshore and Alaskan oil
reserves for development. Congress has vetoed that possibility.

Both the U.S. Senate and the President want a comprehensive immigration bill that
effectively provides amnesty to 12 to 20 million illegal aliens presently in the United
States. Sixty-three percent of the American public is opposed to that.

There is one possibility remaining that would
dramatically change the political landscape
and solve one of America's most serious

President George Bush does not have to seek
permission from Congress, the Supreme Court
or anyone else.

The U.S. Constitution grants President Bush the
right to declare a national emergency with respect
to the present and impending energy crisis in the United States. Energy costs, the
increasing percentage of imported oil from potential enemies and increasing instability of
world energy conditions represent a clear and present danger to the health, welfare and
security of U.S. citizens.

Based on this information, the Attorney General can produce a finding–a finding that
would “constitute a clear and present danger to the health, welfare and safety of the
citizens of the United States.”

    Evidence to produce such a finding is everywhere
    abundant. For example: (1) the rising energy crisis
    which could and would cause the United States to
    deplete its emergency oil reserves to meet public
    demands; (2) the rising cost of crude oil, topping
    $70 per barrel, under the control of a cartel
    composed of real and potential enemies; (3) the
    imminent threat of out-of-control inflation brought
    on by uncontrollable rising fuel costs as in the
    Carter Administration of the late 1970s which
    caused a severe world recession and double digit
    unemployment at home; (4) the possibility of a
    complete cut-off of Middle East oil which would
    turn a crisis into a disaster, and, (5) America’s
    desperate need to utilize its own energy resources
    to make itself totally self-sufficient. At present, the
    above reasons pose an imminent threat that could
    cause severe damage to the national economy.

In addition, there would be a question as to whether or not
America had the natural resources to wage a war and
successfully fight terrorism at home and abroad.

President Bush should have no concern as to whether or
not such action would in any way damage his public
approval rating.

Such dramatic action on the part of President Bush
would energize the American public to the extent that
confidence would again be restored to the American
used by MyBestYears.com
with special permission from

E. Ralph Hostetter
, a
crusading newspaper
editor, owner and publisher
for a half-century, and a
champion of individual

In his columns Hostetter
consistently warns of the
harmful erosion of our
constitutional rights.

Born and educated in
Maryland, he enlisted in
the U.S. Navy in 1941 and
was assigned in 1943 to
the Naval Reserve Officers
Training Corps at Harvard
University, where he
earned a bachelor of
science degree in 1945.
He was released from
World War II service in
1946 with the rank of
Ensign. Recalled into the
U.S. Navy in 1950 during
the Korean War, he served
as a Naval Intelligence
Officer until released in
1952 with the rank of
Lieutenant, Senior Grade.

Hostetter is chairman and
publisher of American
Farm Publications Inc.,
Easton, Md., and former
president and owner of
TriState Publishing
Company, Elkton, Md., a
chain of 13 community
He was elected to the
Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press
Association Newspaper Hall of
Fame in 1990. The New Jersey
Agricultural Society awarded
Hostetter its highest award, the
Gold Medallion, in 2003.

Hostetter is also Vice
President of the Strasburg
Rail Road Co. (PA),
Chairman of Ambassador
Travel Service (DE),  
Chairman, Southside
Virginia Auto Auction, (VA)
and owner of Camelot East
Farms, Prince Edward
Island, Canada.

Active in civic affairs,
Hostetter is presently a
member of the Board of
Directors of Free
Congress Foundation,
Washington, DC.

In nearly 50 years of travel,
Hostetter has made three
round-the-world trips,
visiting 113 countries,
including traveling to
Antartica, going through
the Northwest Passage on
a Russian ice breaker, and
to the North Pole on an
atomic-powered Russian
ice breaker.

He married the former
Edith White of North East,
Md., in 1947 and they have
five daughters, one son
13 grandchildren.
...No Confidence, No Government

The United States today faces a no confidence issue in
both its Executive and Legislative branches.

The United Kingdom quite often faces a no confidence
vote in Parliament and the simple solution is the calling
of an election to take place six weeks hence.

America has no such simple answer. The next election
is nearly 17 months away.
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