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        ...Obama's Plan Akin to Civil War

          "There is no substitute for victory."
                                  —Douglas MacArthur

If anybody out there doubts that this nation is involved in a
new civil war they had better take a careful look at
President Barack Obama's legislative agenda and the
weapons he's deploying to ram it through.
That agenda is a poorly disguised attempt to destroy the United States as we know it
and convert it into an authoritarian, socialist regime with all power centered in
Washington D.C. And in the sainted United Nations.

If we are to survive this full-press onslaught against our constitutional
republic and our God-given rights as a free people living under the rule of law,
it is essential that the handful of Republicans in the House and Senate
understand that in a civil war all the rules of civilized discourse and legislative
courtesy must be suspended, to be replaced by unrelenting resistance on the
part of those under attack.

Since taking office, Obama has rammed through the House two major pieces of
legislation that are right out of Karl Marx's socialist playbook, the ill-titled cap-and-trade
bill and his plan for socialized medicine.

    If the Senate acquiesces, both of these
    measures will become law and the U.S. will
    have taken major steps on Obama's march
    toward converting this republic into an
    authoritarian socialist state under the
    thumb of an all-powerful U.N.

    Comrade Gore made no bones about the
    cap-and-trade measure. Citing the bill,
    Gore announced that while it would cause
    utility bills, in Obama's words, to
"skyrocket," he said, "Those taxes are good, but it is the awareness itself that
will drive the change, and one of the ways it will drive the change is through
global government and global agreements.”

Get that? Global government!

In 1997, in my study "The Iceman Cometh," I wrote that "behind all the rhetoric about
global warming and mankind's culpability for this [allegedly] impending disaster is a
shrewdly planned campaign to inflict a lot of socialistic restrictions on our cherished

Environmentalism, I explained, "is the last refuge of socialism," and noted that "it was no
accident that one of those in the forefront of the global warming alarmism is one Mikhail
Gorbachev, an unrepentant socialist who appears to believe if you can't lick 'em one
way, find another."

Under the guise of saving the planet from a kind of self-inflicted incineration
Comrade Gore and company sought to impose some of the most Draconian
restrictions on our liberties ever contemplated.

I warned that the debate over global warming is the most crucial Americans have faced
since the Cold War ended with the demise of what now appears to have been the first
phase in the ongoing attempt to build a world socialist order.

That attempt was brutal and overt—the communists made no secret about their plans to
bury us, by force if necessary, but the latest power grab by the left is far more subtle—
and covert.

Obama is halfway there with cap-and-trade and his plan for socialized medicine. Only
the Senate stands in the way of these Draconian measures becoming the law of the
land. They must be stopped there or we're well on the way to a Marxist future and the
loss of individual freedom that will entail.

I believe that the real battleground in the war will be the floor of the House, now firmly in
the hands of the ultra-left wing of the Democratic party. If freedom is to survive, it must
be defended there.

Granted that the Republican minority is vastly outnumber-
ed, but they must wage a rear-guard action, using every
parliamentary trick in the book to grind the legislative
wheels to a halt.

Back when the GOP was a mere corporal's guard in the ’60s, the
late Rep. H.R. Gross stood like Horatius at the bridge, challenging
every spendthrift measure under debate. In his lonely battle he
saved the taxpayers tens of billions of dollars over the course of
his House career.

He should stand as an example to the House Republicans,
who if the nation is to survive Obama's efforts to remake
America into a version of European socialist governments
must dig in their heels and bring the Democrat-controlled
House to a grinding halt.

That's right. A grinding halt where nothing—and I mean nothing—gets done until the
2010 congressional elections are over and the voters have sent the socialists packing.

You ask if the nation survive if the lower House of Congress ceases to legislate. Of
course we can—
remember Will Rogers' sage comment that "this country has
come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets
hold of a hammer."

We need to take that hammer away from them. America breathes a sigh of relief when
Congress is not in session and their lives and fortunes and liberties are no longer

I remind the embattled Republicans and those few level-headed conservative
Democrats who should be their natural allies in the battle against making America a
socialist state that the only alternative to victory is defeat. That's what's at stake here
and they had better recognize it and do what they can to save us all.

Faugh 'a ballagh!
Phil Brennan, a veteran
investigative journalist,
writes for NewsMax.com
and edits and publishes
Wednesday on the Web.  

A native New Yorker, he
moved to Washington in
1956 where he worked in
the public relations field,
handling such
assignments as the
Washington end of the
successful Alaska
Statehood campaign.
After working on the
Nixon campaign staff in
1960 he was named
director of public
relations and special
projects of the House
Republican Policy

During his years on
Capitol Hill he also wrote
the "From Washington
Straight" column for Bill
Buckley's National
Review. He was
responsible for
uncovering the Bobby
Baker scandal which
resulted in the jailing of
the secretary of the
Senate, a close confidant
of Lyndon Johnson. In
1964 during the
Goldwater campaign he
organized the GOP Truth
Squad and served as its
PR director.

In 1968 after working as
an administrative
assistant for a member of
Congress, he moved to
Boca Raton, Florida
where he continued his
journalism career and
wrote two unpublished
novels and a series of
non-fiction books, the last
being a history of the
Shroud of Turin.

Phil is a veteran of World
War II, having served in
the US Marine Corps
from 1943 to 1946. He is
a widower and the father
of seven children. He
served as sacristan at St.
Joan of Arc Catholic
Church in Boca Raton
and is a trustee of the
Lincoln Heritage Institute.
He is a member of the
Association of Former
Intelligence Officers.

Email address:
Harold Royce Gross
"The Eternal