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Between two irreconcilable, terribly opposite worldviews and religious philosophies?

What do we do when it becomes starkly clear that at least 100 million people all
over this planet believe, deeply and as a basic tenet of their devout religion,
that all who disagree with them are infidels and must either be converted,
subjugated, or put to death?
And that their God will handsomely reward any and all
who die, accomplishing this "conversion" of the world's population to their religion?

Do intelligent people just shrug these facts off, assuming it'll all work out; those people
don't really believe all that, and even if they do, they'll come to their senses in time?

Do we all just go about our business and pleasure, leaving the "working out" of these
diabolically opposite worldviews to diplomats and politicians?

Do reasonable adults even subscribe to the growing notion that Israel is the
basic cause of all the problems in the Middle East, and that we Americans
should withdraw support for that troublesome, pugnacious little "thorn in our
side" and let the Muslim extremists wipe it off the map—believing that all other
nations can then breathe sighs of relief and enjoy a harmonious, peaceful


Well, tell that to the National Union of Journalists in the U.K., who just recently took a
decision to completely boycott Israel, joining the rising tide of "thinkers" who see little
Israel as the root cause, the boil that must be lanced to solve the world's major

Encouragingly, many British journalists ridiculed the decision and some even canceled
membership in this trade union. A number of thoughtful columns and articles appeared,
and one of the very best was in a popular newspaper,
The Daily Sport.

I can't reprint it all here, though I wish I could, but the gist of it follows:

So, you want to boycott Israel? Well, do it thoroughly and properly. Let me help

Check all your medications. Make sure you don't
have tablets, drops, lotions, etc. made by Abic or
Teva. You'll suffer from colds and flu this winter, but
hey, that's a small price to pay, isn't it?

Completely write off the
research and accomplishments
of hundreds of Israeli companies
that have developed a
simple blood test that helps treat multiple sclerosis; produced a
device that helps restore the use of paralyzed hands; created human
antibodies which can neutralize contagious smallpox virus; made dramatic
new methods to eliminate physical manifestations of Parkinson's disease; developed a
nose drop that will provide a five-year flu vaccine.

And, to be fair in your boycott, you must throw away your computer!

Most of
Windows operating systems were developed by Microsoft-Israel. And the
Pentium NMX chip technology was designed at Intel in Israel, as well as the Pentium 4
microprocessor and the Centrum processor, entirely in that little "boil" of a country!

    Oh, and toss your cellular phone in the trash. That whole
    technology was developed in Israel by Motorola, which has its
    biggest development center in Israel . . . which is one big
    reason Warren Buffett has invested billions in Israeli research
    and development. He apparently didn't recognize how
    unnecessary that irritating group of people is.

And of course, if the world gets rid of Israel, it won't need any of the spectacularly
effective technology they've developed to combat world terrorism, originally to save their
own existence, but have shared with the free world.

After all, the 100 million radical Islamists who wish all of us dead will have been placated
and satisfied. Right?

Of course not—but it'll be a good start. And it will certainly feed the religious blood lust to
wipe the rest of us out. Remember, our Judeo Christian belief system began with the
Jews, and just eradicating Israel won't erase the nettlesome religion Islamo-terrorists

No, we'll be next. And the whole thing seems so disappointing, since
this tiny group of
people gave the world literary giants like Boris Pasternak, Saul Bellow, Isaac
Singer, and many other Jewish Nobel Prize winners (not to mention Biblical
authors like Moses, King David, Solomon and the Apostle Paul); World Peace
Nobelists like Henry Kissinger, Menachem Begin, Elie Wiesel, and others;
chemists and economists and fantastic medical researchers who have
benefited the whole world; physicists and scientists like Albert Einstein and
hosts of others—indisputably, more contributors to world health and high
standards of living, arts and entertainment and philosophy and science have
come from these worrisome Jews than from any other group in history,
proportionately or even in the aggregate!

    Why all this unreasoned hatred, this
    ingrained rabid determination to
    destroy all things Judaic, regardless of
    all humanitarian consideration?

    It's because, at long last, politics and
    religion have become one!

    Actually, all philosophical and political
    theory is religion-based anyway,
    whether it's the product of humanistic,
    atheistic, or theistic mindset; what
    motivates, dictates.

The crazed, irrational hatred of Israel is at least partly because of her historic
contributions to the world. The thought of her enemies is "Who made the Jews
so special?" My answer is God did—that's who.

Long ago, the God of Abraham promised, "I'll bless those who bless you, and I'll curse
those who curse you. And in you all the nations of the world will be blessed."

Abraham had two sons, only one by his wife Sarah, so God repeated the promises to
Isaac. He made other promises to Ishmael, but he also foretold of everlasting enmity
between the descendants of the two sons. Now that enmity has taken on global
proportions . . . and no diplomacy or political maneuvering or "friendly persuasion" is ever
going to convince those who are committed to another idea of God, that anyone who
refuses to accept their religion is worthy to live!

There's no neutrality, no spiritual Switzerland here; the lines are drawn in the
This conflict, growing and festering and becoming more inflamed by the hour is
between two concepts of God; one "loving the world so much he gave his only son, that
whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" and the other
decreeing that all who will not accept him and his domination must be put to death, now
and forever.

It's time to choose, and every single human being must make a choice. I believe we'd
better get at it...on our knees.
The eColumn appears
courtesy of Pat Boone.

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...Take a Stand Against Fanaticism

"Never discuss politics or religion." Right?

If you want to avoid controversy, uncomfortable
confrontation, or angry disagreement and argument, just
don't even mention those two things. Of course. But what
if those two things have become inextricably intertwined,
and the political choices we all must make—for our mutual
safety and foreseeable futures as free peoples—boil
down to a choice between two religions?
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