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There’s something ominous about that. The implication clearly is that no matter what you
may try to hide, regardless of how carefully and cleverly you may have covered some
secret deed or intent, in time — perhaps the most inopportune but serious time — the
secret will be revealed. And consequences will follow, sometimes even posthumously.

Shakespeare opined, “The evil that men do lives
after them, while the good is oft interred with their
bones.” History and observation revealed that to
him. And serious reflection confirms it to us now.

I myself, like most of you, have watched this
happen in my lifetime. In 1948, a young congress-
man from California, Richard Nixon, diligently work-
ing with the House Un-American Activities Commit-
tee, went out to the farm of accused Communist
collaborator Whittaker Chambers, and, on a tip,
discovered a stash of incriminating papers and
some 35 mm film hidden in a pumpkin.

Chambers, knowing the investigators were relentlessly on his trail, put the evidence in a
place where no one would ever think to look. But something, like the “hounds of hell,” led
Nixon to the last place anyone would look. And he held up, for the world to see, all that
was needed to convict Chambers and Alger Hiss of espionage and send them to prison.

Truth will out.

Ironically, during the fateful Watergate hearings in 1973, then-President Nixon was
steadfastly denying any knowledge of the break-in at the Democrat Headquarters. But
the “hounds of hell” this time were pursuing him, through the Senate investigating
committee. Others close to him were taking the fall, and it appeared that there was not
enough evidence to incriminate the president himself.

But he had ordered a secret taping of all conversations in the Oval Office for his own
purposes . . . and eventually the “hounds” identified nearly 19 minutes of those tapes
that had mysteriously been erased on Watergate tape 342, at a time when Nixon and H.
R. Haldeman, his close aide, were obviously discussing the Watergate break-in. This
became “the smoking gun,” and enough to bring about his resignation.

Truth will out.

Nixon learned this. Bill Clinton learned this. And someday, President Barack Obama will
learn this.

Almost no matter the secret, but especially if it’s really a significant one with enormous
present and future ramifications, it seems inevitable that somehow, in time, the truth will
come to light.

    So now, America has a
    president who, with his
    closest advisors,
    adamantly refuses to
    produce a legitimate,
    verifiable birth certificate.
    How he managed to
    sidestep the close
    scrutiny to which John
    McCain was subjected
    (because he was born in
    Panama) is a mystery in

    Not just McCain’s liberal
    opponents, but
    Congress itself felt the
    matter was extremely
    important. Although
    McCain is the son of
    generations of
    distinguished U.S. Naval
    officers, and his father
    was stationed in the
    Canal Zone, there was
    explicit language in
    Article 2, Section 1 of the
Constitution saying that  no one not “a natural born citizen of the United States” could be
elected president. So,
curiously, though Congress justly demanded that McCain
release all relevant records—which he did—they did not require the same of
Obama. Why?

I wrote about this just recently, demanding as one American citizen, that the man who
would be president obey the Constitution. 58 percent of respondents to an AOL on-line
poll said Obama should produce his actual birth certificate, and 49.3 percent of the
respondents to a scientific Wenzel poll found the question to be legitimate.

To see that column, click here now.

The Los Angeles Times and a host of angry bloggers derided me, some calling me weird
names and even a “racist.” That’s particularly galling to me, since I’ve been stumping for
the Republican Party to identify and nurture qualified black candidates for every office,
up to and including the presidency, since 1976.

But what has Obama done in response to the growing clamor for him to do what the
Constitution demands and to show us an actual American birth certificate, if indeed one
actually exists?

He has paid his team of lawyers almost a million dollars to produce a certification of live
birth, a “short form” document, a print-out of information that has been entered — at
some point in time, by someone — into a computer database. This is not a birth
certificate. The state of Hawaii does not accept a certification of live birth as singular
proof that an individual was actually born in Hawaii.

So why should we accept it? And why should Congress?

Knowing this is a matter of grave concern, and knowing that he swore to “defend the
Constitution of the United States” — not to defy it — why does he not just produce the
proper document? Or at least explain why he won’t, or can’t? The more he resists, and
the longer he does, the worse the situation will become. It’s not going away. Every citizen
has the constitutional right to demand that our president, of all people, obey the law of
our land.

God himself promises,
“All that is secret will be brought into the open, and everything
that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all”
(Luke 8:17).

Truth will out.
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                          ...Truth Will Out!

“Be sure, the truth will find you out.”

Interesting phrase, isn’t it? Not “you will find the truth. . .”
Not even the Biblical promise,
“You shall know the truth,
and the truth will make you free,”
in the Gospel of John, 8:

But the truth will find you out.
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This Certificate of Live Birth was downloaded from a
Website friendly to President Obama. It is NOT a birth
certificate. This computer image is the only "evidence"
provided thus far by the President or his supporters.
Whittaker Chambers