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I believe the wrong kind is precisely what President Barack Obama has
proposed. I don't believe his is a "stimulus plan" at all—I don't think it
stimulates anything but the Democratic Party.

This "porkulus" bill is designed to repair the
Democratic Party's power losses from the 1990s
forward, and to cement the party's majority power
for decades.

Keynesian economists believe government spend-
ing on "shovel-ready" infrastructure projects—
schools, roads, bridges -- is the best way to
stimulate our staggering economy. Supply-side
economists make an equally persuasive case that
tax cuts are the surest and quickest way to create
permanent jobs and cause an economy to rebound. That happened under JFK, Ronald
Reagan and George W. Bush. We know that when tax rates are cut in a recession, it
brings an economy back.

Recent polling indicates that the American people are in favor of both approaches.

Notwithstanding the media blitz in support of the Obama stimulus plan, most
Americans, according to a new Rasmussen poll, are skeptical. Rasmussen finds
that 59% fear that Congress and the president will increase government
spending too much. Only 17% worry they will cut taxes too much.

Since the American people are not certain that the Obama stimulus plan is the way to
go, it seems to me there's an opportunity for genuine compromise. At the same time, we
can garner evidence on how to deal with future recessions, so every occurrence will no
longer become a matter of partisan debate.

Congress is currently haggling over how to spend $900 billion generated by American
taxpayers in the private sector. (It's important to remember that it's the people's money,
not Washington's.) In a January 23 meeting between President Obama and Republican
leaders, Rep. Eric Cantor (R., VA) proposed a moderate tax cut plan. President Obama
responded, "I won. I'm going to trump you on that."

Yes, elections have consequences. But where's the bipartisanship, Mr. Obama? This
does not have to be a divisive issue. My proposal is a genuine compromise.

Fifty-three percent of American voters voted for Barack Obama; 46% voted for John
McCain, and 1% voted for wackos. Give that 1% to President Obama. Let's say the vote
was 54% to 46%.

    As a way to bring the
    country together and at the
    same time determine the
    most effective way to deal
    with recessions, under the
    Obama-Limbaugh Stimulus
    Plan of 2009: 54% of the
    $900 billion—$486 billion—
will be spent on infrastructure and pork as defined by Mr. Obama and the
Democrats; 46%—$414 billion—will be directed toward tax cuts, as determined
by me.

Then we compare.

We see which stimulus actually works. This is bipartisanship! It would satisfy the
American people's wishes, as polls currently note; and it would also serve as a
measurable test as to which approach best stimulates job growth.

I say, cut the U.S. corporate tax rate—at 35%, among the highest of all
industrialized nations—in half.
Suspend the capital gains tax for a year to incentivize
new investment, after which it would be reimposed at 10%. Then get out of the way!

Once Wall Street starts ticking up 500 points a day, the
rest of the private sector will follow. There's no reason
to tell the American people their future is bleak. There's
no reason, as the administration is doing, to depress
their hopes. There's no reason to insist that recovery
can't happen quickly, because it can.

In this new era of responsibility, let's use both Keynesians and
supply-siders to responsibly determine which theory best
stimulates our economy—and if elements of both work, so
much the better. The American people are made up of
Republicans, Democrats, independents and moderates, but
our economy doesn't know the difference. This is about jobs

The economic crisis is an opportunity to unify people, if we set aside the
The leader of the Democrats and the leader of the Republicans (me, according
to Mr. Obama) can get it done. This will have the overwhelming support of the American
people. Let's stop the acrimony. Let's start solving our problems, together.

Why wait one more day?
Rush Hudson Limbaugh
III is an American radio
host and conservative
political commentator and
best-selling author.

His nationally-
syndicated talk show,
The Rush Limbaugh
, airs throughout
the United States on
Premiere Radio

Today he is the highest-
paid syndicated radio
host, and for good
reason...he literally saved
AM radio in the United
States and helped
develop a new generation
of conservative thinkers,
often affectionately called
as "Ditto Heads."

Limbaugh was the 1992,
1995, 2000 and 2005
recipient of the Marconi
Radio Award for
Syndicated Radio
Personality of the Year
(given by the National
Association of
Broadcasters), joining
the syndicated
Bob &
Tom Show
as the only
other four-time winners
of a Marconi award.

He was inducted into
the Radio Hall of Fame
in 1993.

In 2002,
magazine ranked him
as the greatest radio
talk show host of all

On January 5, 2008, the
Events announced
as their 2007
Man of the Year.

On December 1. 2008,
TV Guide reported that
Limbaugh has been
selected as one of
America’s top ten most
fascinating people
of 2008

Used by permission of
Wall Street Journal
(January 29, 2009).
    ...My Bipartisan Stimulus

There's a serious debate in this country as to how best to
end the recession. The average recession will last five to 11
months; the average recovery will last six years. Recessions
will end on their own if they're left alone. What can make the
recession worse is the wrong kind of government