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...We Have Enough Oil Here in the U.S.

Millions of Africans are dying or facing death; Americans are
reeling as gas prices soar, threatening to wreck the economy
and drive many into poverty; famine is rearing its ugly head in
many areas of the world; and available remedies for these and
other serious problems are ignored, ridiculed, or stymied.
None of this is by accident. It is instead the direct result of the sinister activities of a
small but politically powerful clique of a privileged and wealthy elite which hates humans
and will not be satisfied until humanity has been driven from this planet.

I'm talking about the members of the radical environmentalist movement, and I'm laying
the blame for the continuing success of their anti-mankind efforts on every single one of
us who have stood by and allowed these monsters to impose their hatred-inspired
agenda on the world.

As a result of our inaction in the face of their assaults on mankind, we have
allowed 1 million of our African brothers and sisters and their helpless infants
to either die of malaria or face death from it when that scourge of mankind
could have been completely eradicated by the use of a totally harmless
chemical, DDT which the radical environmentalist movement has stripped from
our arsenal of disease fighting weapons.

    Let it be said loud and clear—there is not a single shred of
    evidence that DDT poses the least kind of threat to the health
    of the planet's people, yet on the flimsiest of grounds created
    by an alarmist book, Silent Spring, by the late Rachel Carson
    based on myth rather than science—this life-saving chemical
    is banned and whole populations die.

    Think that's an accident? Think again.

    As I quoted Michael Berliner co-chairman of the board of
    directors of the Ayn Rand Institute in Irvine, Calif., in last
    week's column, the mankind hater's goal is nothing less than
    the extinction of humanity.

Berliner quoted philosopher Paul Taylor in
Respect for Nature: A Theory of
Environmental Ethics
, who wrote, "The ending of the human epoch on Earth, would
most likely be greeted with a hearty 'Good riddance!'"
and biologist David M.
Graber as writing (in Oct 29, 1989):
"Human happiness [is] not as important as a
wild and healthy planet
. . . Until such time as Homo sapiens should decide to rejoin
nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along."

Berliner added, “Such is the naked essence of environmentalism: it mourns the death of
one whale or tree but actually welcomes the death of billions of people. A more
malevolent, man-hating philosophy is unimaginable."

Gasoline prices are soaring. Prices at the pump are pushing toward $4.00 a gallon and
predictions are being heard that at least $10.00 is a probable pump price in the near

What we're talking about here is economic chaos, the beggering of what was
not long ago the most prosperous economy on the face of the earth. In one fell
swoop, the economy of the United States is being destroyed and widespread
poverty is about to grip an America whose people cannot survive the deadly
attack on their limited incomes that soaring gas prices constitute.

Remember, just about everything we need for survival,
food, clothing etc., comes to us by fossil fuel-powered
vehicles. Incredible hikes in fuel prices can only lead to
incredible hikes in the prices we pay for commodities.
We are about to become a third world country.

Who's to blame? The fault is directly traceable to those
politically powerful elites who will not allow us to use the
virtually unlimited supply of petroleum that lies within
the United States, in Alaska's ANWAR area and in the
gulf where China and just about everybody else but us
is sucking up petroleum.

There's enough oil in the continental U.S. alone to give us all we'll ever need,
yet we are not allowed to go after it.

It's recently been revealed that the Bakken Formation in the Great Plains holds an
incredibly huge deposit of petroleum. Estimates of its potential range as high as the U.S.
Geological Survey’s figure of more than 400 billion barrels.

As Dennis T. Avery, a senior fellow for the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. and the
director for the Center for Global Food Issues, has written
"At the higher end of its
potential, Bakken could change the political economics of the world. One
hundred billion barrels would be worth $9 trillion at today’s prices.
Will America
turn its back? Will we give up our autos, airplanes and air conditioners if the oil to power
them is affordable and 'home-grown?'"

    Why aren't we in a mad rush to get our hands on
    this bonanza Mother Nature has bestowed on us?

    Ask Byron Dorgan and his liberal
    environmentalist chums, who The Business
    Investor's Daily explained are opposed to drilling
    in a tiny portion of ANWR's frozen tundra, the so-
    called "pristine" Alaska area that, when it's not
    covered with snow, resembles the surface of the

    The article stated, "He and his fellow
    Democrats also oppose new oil production
    in the Outer Continental Shelf and off the
    Florida coast where China and Cuba are
    gleefully setting up rigs 50 miles from Key

Dorgan and is ilk are captives of big environmentalism. And we're letting them get away
with it. They want to kill us all, and we're giving them the weapons to do it.

In Pogo's words, "we've met the enemy and it is us."
Phil Brennan, a veteran
investigative journalist,
writes for NewsMax.com
and edits and publishes
Wednesday on the Web.  

A native New Yorker, he
moved to Washington in
1956 where he worked in
the public relations field,
handling such
assignments as the
Washington end of the
successful Alaska
Statehood campaign.
After working on the
Nixon campaign staff in
1960 he was named
director of public
relations and special
projects of the House
Republican Policy

During his years on
Capitol Hill he also wrote
the "From Washington
Straight" column for Bill
Buckley's National
Review. He was
responsible for
uncovering the Bobby
Baker scandal which
resulted in the jailing of
the secretary of the
Senate, a close confidant
of Lyndon Johnson. In
1964 during the
Goldwater campaign he
organized the GOP Truth
Squad and served as its
PR director.

In 1968 after working as
an administrative
assistant for a member of
Congress, he moved to
Boca Raton, Florida
where he continued his
journalism career and
wrote two unpublished
novels and a series of
non-fiction books, the last
being a history of the
Shroud of Turin.

Phil is a veteran of World
War II, having served in
the US Marine Corps
from 1943 to 1946. He is
a widower and the father
of seven children. He
served as sacristan at St.
Joan of Arc Catholic
Church in Boca Raton
and is a trustee of the
Lincoln Heritage Institute.
He is a member of the
Association of Former
Intelligence Officers.
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