In the past quarter-century, more than 35 climbers have died on Oregon's Mount
Hood, one of the most climbed mountain in the world. Along the way, a number of
wonderful survival stories have surfaced.

The most recent occurred February 19, 2007, when rescuers used an electronic
locating instrument to find three climbers and their black Labrador, Velvet, in the
White River Canyon.

The three climbers fell off a ledge on Mount Hood. The were rescued at 7,400 feet,
soaking wet and freezing, where they spent the night together in sleeping bags, a tarp, and their dog.

Velvet, owned by one of the climbers, apparently saved all three lives by lying across them during the night, according to the
Portland Mountain Rescue team, who described the night as "hellacious."

For her heroism, Velvet receives a round of hearty applause from and BestFriends!

"It's funny how dogs and cats know the inside of folks better than other folks do, isn't it?"
    —Eleanor H. Porter
    Author of Pollyanna continues our salute to the bond between Seasoned Seniors and their
best friends with snippets of pet-related information and inspirational stories that honor
these furry, feathered and finned friends.

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According to March 23, 2007, news reports from Calvert, Maryland, a 2-year-old golden
retriever named Toby saved his owner's life with a doggie version of the Heimlich

Apparently Debbie Parkhurst, a jewelry artist, choked on a piece of apple.

"I tried to perform the Heimlich on myself," she reported later, "but it didn't work."

As she was beating on her chest, Toby jumped to the rescue.

"The next think I know, Toby's up on his hind feet and he's got his front paws on my
shoulders," she shared. "He pushed me to the ground, and once I was on my back, he
began jumping up and down on my chest."
The apple dislodged because of Toby's fast work, then he licked Debbie's face to keep her from falling unconscious.

She survived relatively unscathed, considering she was told by her physician that Toby literally saved her life.

"I literally have pawprint-shaped bruises on my chest," she quipped, "and I'm still a little hoarse, but otherwise, I'm okay. I keep
looking at Toby and telling him, 'You're amazing.'"

Mrs. Parkhurst also reported that she and her husband rescued Toby as a puppy from an area Dumpster. Toby definitely
repaid that good deed and much more. and BestFriends join in the salute to the truly amazing Toby!